Palin=Painful to watch

Katie Couric should send Sarah Palin a Christmas Card this year. Palin is the gift that keeps on giving for the CBS evening news. In this latest segment, Couric asks Joe Biden and Sarah Palin (separately) what their takes were on Roe V. Wade. and if there were any other supreme court rulings they disagreed with. 

Biden’s answer was crisp if a bit too know-it-all. Palin’s was similiarly floundering to her answer on the job-creation umbrella. I can’t embed, so here’s a link. Watch the whole thing…if this is how the debate goes…it could get pretty ugly pretty fast.


When in Doubt, Blame the Media

Apparently when you say something that your running mate doesn’t agree with and the press is there to hear it, it’s “GOTCHA!” journalism. At least that’s how John McCain and Sarah Palin explained it to the ubiquitous Katie Couric in an interview that will air tonight

The video is on CBS’s page and I can’t embed it but do go take a look. The look on McCain’s face as Palin is talking about Afghanistan is priceless.

Palin makes an Age Joke

Let me tell you who is NOT getting an invitation to Christmas dinner this year from Sarah Palin. That would be Katie Couric. Palin made a very mild joke at the expense of Joe Biden’s age, she mentioned having heard speeches of his since the”second grade.” Katie Couric asked her if it might be a little odd to make age jokes when her running mate is 72, her answer was astoundingly bad.

Palin Punch of the Day

Nary a day goes by where the mind doesn’t boggle at how Sarah “moose-dresser” Palin got so close to becoming Vice President of the United States. Well Jack Cafferty of CNN (the official station of hating Sarah Palin) had a few thoughts on the subject. I don’t think he’s much of a Palin fan. 

McCain and Couric

Katie Couric had a very busy night…here’s a clip from McCain’s interview his best line came in defending his “suspension” of the campaign:

“…if someone want’s to criticize me for doing what I think is best for the country…I don’t understand it, but I accept it…”

Obama with Couric on the Bailout Plan

Obama and Katie Couric discuss the bailout plan, the best line from Obama was clearly a shot across McCain’s bow:

“It’s amazing what you can get done when you’re not looking to get credit for it.”

Palin Part Deux: Apparently that Russian Border really is dangerous.

I can’t embed it for wordpress reasons, but check out the latest piece of Palin-related brilliance on Russia. I’m sorry I’ve tried to be respectful, but the woman is trying my last nerve.