thinkPOP goes Video (!)

Hello my fellow thinkPoppers. I know what you’ve been thinking…you’ve longed for video entries to thinkPOP. You’d like to see the gorgeous faces behind the words and pictures you see daily here on the blog. Well wait no more! The first of what I hope to be many video entries is here. Other than the stuttering, the need to shave and the occasional squeaky voice, I think I did OK. Anyway, the comment section waits.


Tax and Spending Plans are about to meet reality

Hank Paulson, Treasury Secretary, announced a bailout plan that could end up costing as much as $1 Trillion.  Congress is going to work through the potential legislation over the weekend. Whatever may come of this, one thing is certain….

More tax cuts, universal healthcare, or any of the other huge spending intitiatives these candidates have proposed are realistically off the table.

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s SuperFed!

It seems we’ve entered the age of the the super fed. Able to engineer and finance take overs like

 JP Morgan’s purchase of Bear Sterns. Able to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at a liability of trillions, able to broker a line of credit to AIG for 80 billion dollars.


At the heart of Super Fed are two men. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke

and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Together they have done a remarkable job of keeping the economy afloat in a sea of turmoil while doing their best to avoid moral hazard on wall street.

This crisis is plenty scary and we haven’t seen bottom yet, but super fed has done an excellent job navigating a crisis that in another era would have caused a national depression.