Americans weigh in, elect Obama

As of midnight, EST, Barack Obama is the President-elect of the United States.  McCain has already given his concession speech, which I thought was very gracious.  Even in defeat, he stood proud, and squashed boos from the crowd whenever he mentioned Obama’s name.  While the popular vote remains within a few percentage points, the Electoral College shows Obama with a near 2-to-1 victory over McCain.

Racism part of the formula?

Exit poll data agrees with pre-voting data that 90-95% of black voters went with Obama.  I was flipping back and forth between my local news, Fox News, and (P)MSNBC.  I can only stand so much of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.  When all of a sudden, Jesse Jackson is on camera…crying.  Isn’t this the same man who said he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off?  Perhaps he’s crying because he knows he’s out of a job.  He has made a living of keeping the black man down, and now one is the next President of the United States.  Have a nice retirement, Jesse.

Hope and Change.  America’s new direction.

What’s even more important is the shape of Congress, which is also making a shift to the left.  With Obama in the Oval Office, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at the helm of Congress, and an overwhelming majority in both the House and the Senate, the people have decided America’s new direction.  We are no longer a nation of values and security.  We have become a nation of entitlements and self-importance.  Say hello to higher taxes, a stagnant economy, a weakened military, and a joke for international policy.  Start stockpiling your soup cans and flashlights, America.  If the next terror attack doesn’t destroy us, our own government will.

Final thoughts…

Republicans need to get their act together.  The good old boys need to be shown the door, and the party needs to return to its roots of Conservatism.  They have shifted too far to the center, and are no longer the party of new ideas and reform.  They are moderate Democrats.  As I sit here listening to Obama’s speech, and the chants from the crowd, I’m reminded of just how mezmerized the American people are by this man.  This has been a popularity contest, a freak show instigated by the media and allowed to remain unchecked by the McCain campaign and the Republican party for fear of backlash and being branded racist.

If we can somehow manage to survive the next four years, I believe the Obama Nation will have caused enough damage to allow a massive shift in power in 2012 to the right.  By then, Americans will have seen enough of the real Barack Obama to make the right choice.  I only hope it won’t be too late.


2008 and the realignment of the GOP

Whoever wins the White House on Tuesday, we will see a realignment of conservative politics in this country. The pendulum of the country is swinging leftward as George W. Bush’s policy has effectively ended the momentum of the Reagan era. 

Ronald Reagan’s presidency represented at rightward shift in American politics to a pro-business, anti-tax, pro-military, pro-imperial American presidency and American conservatism. This realignment largely pleased the electorate and Reagan remained, despite scandals like Iran-Contra, an incredibly popular president. In short, his policies realigned the political landscape of the nation rightward. Even Bill Clinton’s presidency was centrist, far from the leftward idealogue he was painted as during the campaign.  Alan Greenspan called him “the best republican president” he’s ever worked with. 

Look to today’s political landscape and you are seeing the reverse trend. It’s what happens when the party in power is in office too long. For evidence, we need look no further than the GOP presidential nominating process and how we arrived on John McCain. 

Remember when they had their first debate and those who believed in evolution were asked to raise their hands? That was fun. But let’s remember who we were talking about…

Rudy Giuliani-incredibly conservative when it came to national defense and homeland security. Tax cutting history. But when it came to cultural issues he was pro-choice and pro-gun control. Between those issues and his strangely run campaign Rudy wasn’t going to make it. 

Sam Brownback-Well, Sam was conservative enough…never knew why this guy didn’t catch fire. Oh that’s right he had no support. 

Jim Gilmore-Who?

Duncan Hunter-Hated mexicans, can’t remember much else.

Mike Huckabee-Despite his revolutionary tax code (remember the Fair Tax? I liked it) he was seen as a liberal spender in Arkansas, a “feel your pain” conservative Huckabee was a tax raiser. Culturally he won the social conservatives’ hearts and forced McCain into a war of attrition. 

Ron Paul-Caught fire with a small portion of the electorate, his voice of libertarianism and what many see as true conservativism was a welcome breath of fresh air in debates constantly trying to resurrect Reagan. But actually reducing the size of the military, actually getting government out of the way of industry instead of in bed with it? These ideas weren’t going to fly in the real GOP. 

Mitt Romney-Romney is the guy lots of “real” conservatives, i.e. Rush and Hannity wanted to see win this thing. He sought to take up the mantle of Reagan. Mostly by, you know, completely changing his stand on major policies, like universal healthcare. Voters smelled a rat, and got rid of him. His being a mormon didn’t help with the Christian right either. 

Tom Tancredo-No to evolution, no to Mexicans. Period. 

Fred Thompson-I was surprised he didn’t go further. If you could ever keep him awake long enough he might have had a good campaign. 

Tommy Thompson-You remember him, right?

And so the GOP selected John McCain. At the time villified by Rush and Hannity who have since pivoted to support him, because of his willingness to work in the middle on issues like global warming (which he like Al Gore believes in). McCain is seen largely as a moderate and while this has created a lot of strife among “the base” it’s the direction the party is headed. Look at the men above, none of them could be what the GOP electorate wanted because they stood or tried to stand to the right of John McCain. McCain won (to the consternation of the talking heads) by being leftward of his opponents. 

This lead to what was the great mistake of the McCain campaign. Instead of dancing with the girl that brought them, and being the real moderate, McCain instead decided to run toward Bush’s base without embracing Bush himself. He was the guy cheerfully admitting he had voted with Bush 90% of the time instead of talking up the other 10%. McCain sought to please the Fox News watching part of the country instead of being authentic. That’s what drove the Palin-pick. That’s what drove the celebrity ads, that’s what’s driven all this Bill Ayers nonsense. 

But the problem for the GOP runs deeper than that. McCain could still win the White House (though his electoral path is dwindling). However, congress will surely get even more blue this election. We just don’t know by how much. Why? Because in district after district the country watched as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fought their campaign, and while trying to beat each other, they propped up liberal policies that sounded good to most Americans. While the markets are in turmoil and the economy is contracting Americans are looking to the policies of those damned liberals and seeing them as not so bad. Does that make all Americans that don’t agree with Rush, Hannity, and Jarvis silly, or duped by liberal campaigns? I don’t think so. 

I think the essential problem is this. Since 1980, the year Reagan was elected government has only gotten bigger. Yet for all the expansion in spending Americans wages haven’t risen (remember trickle down economics), they haven’t been made safer (remember 9/11), they haven’t won a war (Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan), they can’t afford healthcare, they can’t afford to send their kids to college, and now they can’t afford their houses. In short, just as undaunted liberalism had faltered at the end of the 1970’s, unfettered conservatism is faltering now. The nation knows it and its time for the pendulum to swing. The question is, how far will it swing back?

Remember the Constitution! Vote for McCain.

Nobel Prize winning Al Gore would’ve made a great candidate to run for President this year, don’t you think?  That’s quite a feather in one’s cap.  So why didn’t he run?  Because his “documentary” was filled with easily debunked myths and outright lies.  Aside from making more money doing his global warming pitch, he knew that he would be made out to be a fraud in the national spotlight.  No one even says global warming these days, it’s all about “global climate change”.  Thanks to Al Gore, scientists have been coming forward in droves to debunk the myths associated with his Hollywood-aimed flick.

What’s the definition of stealing?  It’s the taking of someone’s rightful property without asking.  I’m pretty sure the 2000 election was asked of the American people, it wasn’t the Democrat’s property.  Something can not be stolen if it’s not owned.  The media has once again put forth vast effort into this election rightfully belonging to Barack Obama.  I’ve got news for them…we will not go quietly into the night.  The President of the United States is sworn to uphold the Constitution, the founding document of this great nation.

John McCain has taken that oath several times in his life, Barack Obama talks about Nazism when referring to our Constitution.  Do you honestly expect that he will uphold its values and traditions?  Can you picture him placing his hand on the Bible and swearing to protect the document that so many have died to protect?

Obama the patriot, who is close friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Obama the uniter, who attended a segregationalist church and wrote about his disdain for white people.

Obama the capitalist, who lies about his tax plan in order to cover up his true intentions.

Obama the leader, who wants to invade nuclear Pakistan while disassembling our military.

Join me, America, and elect John McCain for President.  Vote for freedom, individual responsibility and accountability, and a free-market society.  Vote for a true patriot who has dedicated nearly his entire life to the service of his country.  Vote for a real uniter, who blurs party lines in the interest of accomplishing like-minded goals.  Vote for a capitalist who sees the real value of the American worker, who won’t ship jobs overseas by making things even harder on American businesses.  Vote for John McCain, a real leader who will ensure the safe return of our troops in Iraq and who will protect our interests in other parts of the world.

Send socialism back to where it belongs, into the history books of failed government policy and ideology.

Research shows that those who refuse to participate in surveys tend to be less likely to vote for a black candidate.

Read that headline again. Now read it a third time. Isn’t that one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever read? Credit one of the nation’s most ridiculous newspapers, the New York Times for publishing it in this article.  Where is this research?  How did they research people who…decline to be researched?  They live across the street in Democratville where all this polling data about Obama’s lead is coming from.

It’s Friday, kids.  Election Day is just around the corner.  It’s time to start putting together your Election Emergency Preparedness Kits.  You’ll be facing long lines at the polls, so it’s best to go in ready for anything:

1)  Don’t forget your ID.  That way when you find out you’ve already voted for Obama because some ACORN hack stole your vote, you can prove who you really are.

2)  Bring snacks/munchies.  You’ll want to try to avoid long lines by heading over to the polls right after work, which may mean skipping dinner.  Bring along some Cheetos or something.  If an Obama supporter starts rambling on next to you, just toss one in his mouth.  Maybe he’ll shut up.

3)  Dress appropriately.  Kevlar body armor fits nicely under a heavy winter jacket.  Just a tip.

4)  Most importantly…and seriously…leave the kids at home.  There’s going to be a lot of nutty people out there voting in this heated race.  Special police have already been called in here in Ohio to cover the polling areas.  Who knows what kind of nutjobs may show up to harrass you, so don’t bring your kids.

John McCain likes kids by the way.  😉

New Sport: Synchrozined Presidental Debating

The proof, they say, is in the pudding:

Sarah Palin Rides The “No Talk” Express to Visit Fellow Celebrity Britney Spears

Not to jump on the pummel Palin bandwagon, BUT…a very keen observation was made yesterday. What is the governor’s deal with not talking to the press?? And why is the press sitting back and taking it? Access to our leaders by the press is one of the oldest and most important facets of American politics and society. Heck, the First Amendment makes freedom of the press on even par with freedom of religion. Then again, the Second Amendment seems of far greater importance to Sarah Barracuda anyway. (Which also begs the question: why aren’t the animal rights groups all of her for those photos of her with dying caribou???? Shoot to kill, not let an animal suffer).

But, back to the topic at hand. What is she so scared of that she won’t speak to the press? At some point, she has to start answering the tough questions. And it is totally preposterous for McCain/Palin to balk when they aren’t lobbed softball questions (ie: bailing on Larry King after a CNN reporter respectfully pushes on a legitimate question).

Taking the issue a step further, all of this has reduced Sarah Palin to no better than the hollow claim that McCain made about Senator Obama. Sarah Palin is a celebrity. Dare I say the word??? The proof is in the People. Instead of granting an interview with a serious journalistic institution right off the bat to introduce herself to the nation on Day 1, Sarah Palin and family pose with Senator McCain in something of a portrait (that makes McCain in the back look like grandpa) for People Magazine. No offense to People, but that is not a periodical anyone in his right mind would consider a hotbed of politcal discussion, debate and analysis.

What’s Governor Palin got to hide? Besides Troopergate. The bridge to nowhere. Her fanatical church. Earmarks. Inexperience and animal cruelty. Oh, wait…we got the last two in spades. And maybe it’s also that she doesn’t want to admit that when Senator Obama was apparently doing nothing as a community organizer and helping some of the nation’s poorest people in one of the largest cities in the Union, she was working as a TV sportscaster for one of the smallest.

Think I’m being too “liberal” or harsh? Prove me wrong! Please! I want to feel good about our government, no matter who wins. And I’m having a hard time when this woman of the people won’t speak to the people unless it’s in People. Come on. Even Britney Spears blogs to her public, so why can’t Governor Palin?

Palin: Maverick Choice or Reckless Choice for McCain?

Channel surfing the news networks last night for reactions to Senator McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin, one pundit’s assessment stuck with me. CNN’s Paul Begala, a former Clinton consultant, broke “character” last night repeatedly to express his shock and anger at McCain’s choice of Palin. As a Democrat, he said, he’s thrilled because he thinks Palin’s a weak political choice. But as an American, he said, he felt it could not be any more reckless or dangerous to put Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency, based not solely on her (lack of) experience, but the fact that she has allegedly only 1 meeting with McCain before he selected her. “I wouldn’t take someone to dinner, I’d just met once!” Begala decried.

Here’s more from Begala’s online assessment of the Palin choice:

“For months, the McCainiacs have said they will run on his judgment and experience. In his first presidential decision, John McCain has shown that he is willing to endanger his country, potentially leaving it in the hands of someone who simply has no business being a heartbeat away from the most powerful, complicated, difficult job in human history.”

When Begala worked for Clinton, people were surprised of his VP choice; Gore brought nothing “new” to the ticket. Begala says Clinton had four words to justify his choice: “Paulie, I might die.”

Is it overdramatic to bring the “death in office” factor into the voting equation? Many would argue “no,” in light of the fact that 8 presidents have died in while Commander in Chief. Add to that fact that McCain is a 4-time cancer survivor and that he will be the eldest non-incumbant candidate ever. (Then again, my grandfather repeatedly kicked Cancer and lived to 86. He wasn’t president, but he was my hero).

So, will the Palin choice have any real impact on the election? We’ll have to see, though the sense that I get is that a lot of Democratic female voters will see through this tactic when they learn about Palin’s conservative views on women’s choice, firearms, teaching creationism, etc. It may also turn out that Palin is an incredible President if she ever has to assume the role. That all said, this is a risky, risky choice that’s making a lot of people uncomfortable. Even/especially the Obama team, who just a night before had a larger TV audience for a 40-minute political speech than the Oscars and the American Idol finale.

In that sense, score one for McCain. But if Begala’s right, choosing this “hockey mom” to serve is like pulling the goalie for an extra offensive player on the ice.