What is Sexy?

My production company is in the early phases of developing a show that will explore what “sexy” is in our popular culture. We’re trying to explore the difference between what the media tells us is sexy and what real people think.

Last night on twitter I asked “what is sexy to YOU?” and I got a lot of interesting responses. One of which was 140 characters was not enough to describe what people think is sexy. And so I open up our comment section to you. What is sexy to YOU? While there are no wrong answers let’s try to keep the discussion PG-13.

The comment section awaits!


7 Responses

  1. I think the most universally sexy trait is having a good sense of self, and being confident about who you are. We are force-fed a lot of ideas of what is sexy, and subsequently many of us mimic those looks or personas rather than just be the best versions of ourselves.

    But I think that in reality people are attracted to so many diverse looks and characteristics, that if we made it ok to be ourselves and to be attracted to what we like, nearly everything would be sexy, at least to someone else.

    Oh, and I’m not usually so cheesy-idealistic, but I think that definitions of sexy should be at least as diverse as people are, given that we’re all sexual beings.

  2. Confidence, generosity, etc. I think that it is the internal qualities that define sexy-ness. Unfortunately in American culture many people chose to look at the outward qualities and overall beauty to define sexy. Also there seems to be a misconception among the young that you need to flaunt your “assets”, wear lots of makeup, and fit into some generic stereotype to be sexy.

  3. Smarts, kindness, wry sense of humor and a strong faith in a higher power (used for good).

  4. Intelligence, wit, sincerity, self assurance, a wry sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself… as well as an appreciation for a sense of the reduculous. Oh yes, and a dapper man in a sharp looking three-piece suit.

  5. Passion, assertiveness, intelligence, confidence, eye contact.

    There are so many looks that are sexy too… probably too many to go into. I’ll stick with traits for now and might add later.

  6. Sexy: still the fundamentals, I would argue. Engaging eyes and smile; symmetry and softness in women, broad shoulders and strong jawlines in men. It’s biological. Beyond that, it’s all up to the individual’s aesthetics. I’m very visual and auditory, so to me, someone who can stimulate me verbally / intellectually is usually someone I will find attractive. Society’s “version” of sexy is, at this point, a caricature of the truth, exaggerated and distorted to the point of absurdity.

  7. Sexy is not the way you look, but the way you look at me.

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