You Have Earned the New Puppy That’s Coming to The White House


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Barack Obama Our 44th President

The nation has weighed in with a huge electoral slide for President-Elect Barack Obama. It’s late and I don’t have a ton to say at the moment. The election of Barack Obama brings the nation forward past the baby-boom era of our political discourse. His speech looked forward to actually being president and coming together to face our challenges. Already the tone set is a vast improvement over the George Bush path to Presidency. 

Obama observed history and observed the WE in We the People. A president of the people, Barack Obama took the stage. His style and his rhetoric raised above the moment. Tonight’s speech wasn’t an end zone dance. It was a serious appraisal of the challenges ahead. 

I am honestly so happy. America looked to future, beyond race (Obama won white voters), beyond income level, beyond geography, Obama in the man he is, has rendered himself completely appropriate to the times ahead. 

We look forward to being part of that conversation. Here on thinkPOP. Thanks for voting and making your voice heard. Way to go America.

How media moves

Barack Obama is going to be on the Daily Show tonight. How do I know? Twitter. Their election site is a buzz with infomercial talk. Moreover, they are wondering what’s going to happen when Jon Stewart can make fun of the Obamathon. Obama will dominate the cycle. The question becomes is this overload? Will it turn voters off? Or will it accomplish it’s mission energizing the ground game and getting people into action?

Obama infomercial great for the faithful…not many others

Just watched the Obamathon (available in full above) and it seems clear that it wanted to achieve three basic things:

1. Continue to drive home the point that Barack Obama is “one of us.” Stories of his mother and absent father, stories of his grandparents, images of him with the girls. Obama is a regular family man just like you Mr. Undecided voter. 

2. He gets your problems. He’s not a high-minded intellectual, he walks the walk and listens to real people all over the country he knows these problems are real. 

3. For the faithful, get out and vote, call, knock on doors, etc. 

While skeptics certainly weren’t turned, and few undecideds were either. I think this television ad basically created a summation and a closing argument for Obama’s campaign in a way that really nothing else could. After the last debate its up to the media to parse out information to voters. This was a way to rally the troops one last time nationally, and it was a way to lay out the points above. It captured the intimate and the grand. 

So was it nothing more than propaganda…you bet. But it was well-produced propaganda, and if it did nothing else but get a few couch potatoes off their butts and on the phone call roster, it did something.

One last hit on Obama the “Socialist”

I’ll ask our readers and commenters one last question on Obama the “socialist.”

It’s not my question, Tom Brokaw asked it on Meet The Press this weekend to John McCain, who had no good answer. 

If Barack Obama were a socialist would Warren Buffet, America’s richest man and uber-capitalist be endorsing him? For those of you prepared with comments like “Obama can pull the wool over anyone eyes.” Well all I can say is no one pulls the wool over Buffet’s eyes and no one separates him from his money.

I don’t think Obama is a socialist and neither does Warren Buffet.

Errol Morris Does Mac/PC Style Ads for Obama

Cute, quaint soundtrack. White seamless backdrop. Direct address to camera. You’d swear they were Mac/PC ads. Except that they’re ads supporting Barack Obama featuring Republicans who are supporting the Democratic candidate. The ads are directed by Errol Morris, Oscard-winning documentary filmaker who famously freed an innocent man with his early film, “The Thin Blue Line.”