Getting to know your average Joe, Part Deux

Joe hates the two party system. Loves average guys like Allen Keyes who are just like him. Joe hates Commies.  Stem cell research? No way Jose. Sounds like your average, bipartisan American just looking for a candidate that inspires him, but he won’t reveal that he’s voting for McCain. Enjoy. 


Get to know your average Joe

For those of you who think this guy isn’t in the bag for McCain and the Republicans I present my first piece of evidence in a series of blogs we will lovingly call, getting to know your average Joe. If you buy that Joe was just in the neighborhood when he waylaid Obama, then you must also think that Palin is highly qualified for the post of Vice President.

The Real Star of Last Night’s Debate is a Modern Day Super Mario

A quick assessment of last night’s debate: McCain failed to persuade anyone of anything but that he can get flustered and confused with the best of them…Obama continued to be the coolest kitty in the cathouse, floating like a butterfly but failing to sting like a bee…and Bob Schieffer proved beyond the shadow of a doubt to be this year’s best moderator, taking charge and holding the candidates to the questions as best as possible while facilitating a spirited debate.

But, the real star of last night’s debate, for better or worse, was “Joe The Plumber.” Senator McCain tried to sandbag Obama by citing a conversation Obama recently had with an Ohio constituent who was trying to own his own plumbing business after 15 years in the trade. It was a brilliant attempt by McCain to try and show that Obama’s economic policies are out of touch with the middle-class voter or – more aptly – that Obama’s policies would actually make it more difficult for middle-class people to ascend to the American dream of owning their own businesses. At the same time, he hoped to prove that Obama’s policies would actually hurt small businesses across the board – from job creation and compensation to healthcare.

The problem with America’s most heroic plumber since Super Mario and his anemic brother Luigi is that McCain’s attack became laughable . First, he overused him. Maybe he’s a cousin of the oft-mentioned Joe Six-Pack, but Joe The Plumber quickly became a tired source of conversation. Which brings up the second reason: McCain misrepresented Obama’s policies. McCain looked utterly stunned when Obama replied that the fine for not offering healthcare in Joe The Plumber’s business would be “Zero” (because the plan has an exemption for businesses of that size). McCain and his Joe analogy suddenly lost credibility, meaning that every time Joe The Plumber bobbed back to the top of the bowl, he floated there idly with the stench of a failed strategy looming.

Joe The Plumber is going to become a political term for the next generation (at least that’s my prediction). Sadly, it may also be a politcal legacy for Senator McCain that he wishes he could just flush away.