Terry Tate Office Linebacker Makes His Triumphant Return!


Palin Leads…SNL to Highest Ratings in 14 Years

SNL had its highest rating in 14 years…since it was hosted by Nancy Kerrigan. “WHY???? WHY????” Because of Sarah Palin.

Palin wasn’t really on SNL

Ok I admit it. I bought into the hype. I wanted to see how Palin would handle her appearance on SNL. Would she take this chance to pounce on the media, to poke fun at the jokesters that helped bring down her poll numbers? What would she do? What would SNL write?

Well watching the clips I was utterly disappointed. Clearly, Sarah Palin was supposed to be a surprise guest, not a known commodity. SNL did their usual surprise guest thing. While making fun of the guest on stage they appear backstage to set the record straight. The problem is comedy is less funny the second time around and since it had been leaked by Palin herself that she would be on the show, the surprise was largely gone. She delivered no real jokes. Her cold open was little more than refusing to answer questions and saying “Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night!”

The Palin rap sketch featured Palin sitting behind the weekend update desk as Amy Poehler rapped about her and McCain. 

Final Take:


Sarah Palin=Bystander.

Follow-Up: Palin to Speak With Gibson

Sarah Palin is to do an interview the Charlie Gibson and ABC later this week, the campaign announced yesterday. Well, it’s better than silence….

Sarah Palin Rides The “No Talk” Express to Visit Fellow Celebrity Britney Spears

Not to jump on the pummel Palin bandwagon, BUT…a very keen observation was made yesterday. What is the governor’s deal with not talking to the press?? And why is the press sitting back and taking it? Access to our leaders by the press is one of the oldest and most important facets of American politics and society. Heck, the First Amendment makes freedom of the press on even par with freedom of religion. Then again, the Second Amendment seems of far greater importance to Sarah Barracuda anyway. (Which also begs the question: why aren’t the animal rights groups all of her for those photos of her with dying caribou???? Shoot to kill, not let an animal suffer).

But, back to the topic at hand. What is she so scared of that she won’t speak to the press? At some point, she has to start answering the tough questions. And it is totally preposterous for McCain/Palin to balk when they aren’t lobbed softball questions (ie: bailing on Larry King after a CNN reporter respectfully pushes on a legitimate question).

Taking the issue a step further, all of this has reduced Sarah Palin to no better than the hollow claim that McCain made about Senator Obama. Sarah Palin is a celebrity. Dare I say the word??? The proof is in the People. Instead of granting an interview with a serious journalistic institution right off the bat to introduce herself to the nation on Day 1, Sarah Palin and family pose with Senator McCain in something of a portrait (that makes McCain in the back look like grandpa) for People Magazine. No offense to People, but that is not a periodical anyone in his right mind would consider a hotbed of politcal discussion, debate and analysis.

What’s Governor Palin got to hide? Besides Troopergate. The bridge to nowhere. Her fanatical church. Earmarks. Inexperience and animal cruelty. Oh, wait…we got the last two in spades. And maybe it’s also that she doesn’t want to admit that when Senator Obama was apparently doing nothing as a community organizer and helping some of the nation’s poorest people in one of the largest cities in the Union, she was working as a TV sportscaster for one of the smallest.

Think I’m being too “liberal” or harsh? Prove me wrong! Please! I want to feel good about our government, no matter who wins. And I’m having a hard time when this woman of the people won’t speak to the people unless it’s in People. Come on. Even Britney Spears blogs to her public, so why can’t Governor Palin?

Guess what Liberals: Now you have a woman to hate

I spent a lot (some would say too much) time today reading blogs, columns and comment boards on the Palin speech of last night. The commentary was either overwhelmingly positive. This unknown burst onto the scene and wowed the crowd at the Xcel center. Or they are fiercely negative. She is the anti-christ in beauty-queen form. The hockey mom from hell.



Then I had a moment of clarity when I was tossed through the looking glass and into the past, a not-too-distant past, where a new comer to national politics came to the scene. A pantsuit wearing liberal with bad hair and a false smile-she rode the coattails of someone with more history and charisma and from her seat of national power she sought to ruin the civic and private lives of all Americans.

Two very different women same story:

For conservatives everywhere Hillary Clinton represents a socialized medicine loving, pantsuit wearing, liberal hell bent on taking your children and raising them in a village. She was an unqualified neophyte with no right to thrust her ultra left wing views upon the nation.

And now fast forward 16 or so years and Sarah Palin has finally emerged to play the mirror role. A gun-toting, oil drilling, polar bear killing, hockey mom. She wants to kill taxes and evolution, fires people for not banning books, and thinks global warming is the construct of liberal scientists, the same people who brought you that pesky Darwin.

Sure they are different stages in their careers, but the story arches are the same. While Hillary came inches

from her party’s nomination, and Palin is playing mini-maverick, these women are fulfilling the same roles for their respective sides of the culture war. Symbol, demagogue, target and Joan of Arc for their friends and enemies.

Women have made remarkable strides in the political life of America. I wonder though, if we’ve really made strides if women can only rise to power in the wake of man, and if they can only be seen in the extreme, not only politically, but socially. 

Hillary Clinton is a cold calculating “bitch.” Hell bent on her own political success. Sarah Palin is a ditzy ex-beauty queen, playing puppet to the conservative establishment to keep winning her life-long popularity contest. One is seen as too smart for her own good, the other as too dumb. They are mirror images, polar opposites, in everything but the magnitude of order the media as bestowed on them so quickly. It’s not to say they are not news worthy women, clearly the opposite is true. But what does it say about us that we only have female politicians playing in the extremes of our pop culture?

Politico “Apologizes” For Questioning Palin

Roger Simon of Politico thinks the media should say it’s sorry for questioning Sarah Palin’s credentials in the press. The same way that Swift suggested the Irish boil babies to feed the famished. Read it here. Bravo, Roger.