Meanwhile…watch the stock market today

Another day on Wall Street will open after global markets take serious hits and worldwide recession is feared. While we look for (and sometimes manufacture) political news (i.e. that crazy lady with the B on her face) there is real pain going on out there.


The second hour, Current low point 469

The Dow is marked down 469 points. 1100 points down before 2pm will trigger a halt in trading. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Dow holding at 370 point drop

At least in the first thirty minutes of trading the Dow dropped more than 400 points but stopped the bleeding and is holding steady for now. It’s still early. Are there more shoes to drop?

Pre-trading halted on DOW as it plunges 550 points

As world-wide markets tumbled overnight the DOW is plunging. A “circuit breaker” was tripped halting pre-open trading as the index fell by 550 points. 

It’ll be a nervous morning downtown.

BTW The DOW Tanked Again

733 points to be exact.

The Dow Jones Soars: 936 points!

The stock market recovered some of its losses today, in some wild trading. These gains need to hold steady. If they do the political race could tighten up. If they continue to swing wildly, no one will feel certain heading forward. 

My gut, the stock market fundamentally is a measure of US business and its value, as set by the investors that fund it. The market was severely undervalued at the end of last week and was due to make some gains. This probably isn’t going to be the huge upswing we all want. But it will work to stabilize things.


The McCain campaign would like to talk about Bill Ayers, or being a Maverick or ANYTHING or than the news of the day. That news of course is that the stock market continues to tumble despite the efforts of the US and World Banking institutions to keep the global economy afloat. Whether this is reaction to the fundamentals, panic, or a market correction no one knows for sure. But the simple fact is the value of American business as determined by the investors that determine it, is dropping, rapidly.