Teach a woman to fish, and she’ll eat for a lifetime

Here’s something to feel good about.  A project called Handcrafting Justice partners with women around the world to market and sell their crafts and help these women provide a living for themselves and their families.  It addresses the problems of poverty and gender inequality in the best spirit possible.  By using the skills and culture these women already possess to help them create a dignified living, this organization brings out the best of all communities.  And the active force behind this project comes from the Sisters of the Good Shepherd who are providing us a glimpse of what true Christian ideals mean.  You can find more information, find a sale near you, or shop online at www.handcraftingjustice.org


Food, The Market, and the Future

One of the most important news stories we’re not following is the collapse of the World Trade Organization’s negotiations on trade. Food was the key item on the table and depending on who you talk to the collapse of these talks was either an inevitable end result of free market winning over a rules-based negotiation, or a devastating blow to fair trade of food and other commodities between rich nations and poorer ones. The collapse of these negotiations, may or may not predict disaster in the future of world wide trade. But what it does point out is where the battle lines will be drawn in the emerging economies of the world. 

Since I don’t count myself as an expert on the subject of global trade and commodities exchange, I will point out a few places to read or watch to get a sense of what’s at stake.

PBS’s Newshour gives some background and debate over the substance and importance of the talks.

This NY Times Editorial balances the scales between fair trade and free trade. 

And Newsweek gives us some background in to the nature of the negotiations. 

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