When in Doubt, Blame the Media

Apparently when you say something that your running mate doesn’t agree with and the press is there to hear it, it’s “GOTCHA!” journalism. At least that’s how John McCain and Sarah Palin explained it to the ubiquitous Katie Couric in an interview that will air tonight

The video is on CBS’s page and I can’t embed it but do go take a look. The look on McCain’s face as Palin is talking about Afghanistan is priceless.


One Response

  1. What I don’t think alot of people realize about this interview is that John McCain was there the whole time. If you notice (I don’t usually miss too much) Sarah Palin has on the same clothes she had on during her interview with Katie. John McCain’s demise will be not allowing her to have a mind of her own. The way Katie asked the question and he answered it was like a Grandfather/granddaughter thing. How can the American people begin to understand who Sarah Palin really is and what she’s capable of if the McCain camp continues to keep her sequestered or on a leash.

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