Research shows that those who refuse to participate in surveys tend to be less likely to vote for a black candidate.

Read that headline again. Now read it a third time. Isn’t that one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever read? Credit one of the nation’s most ridiculous newspapers, the New York Times for publishing it in this article.  Where is this research?  How did they research people who…decline to be researched?  They live across the street in Democratville where all this polling data about Obama’s lead is coming from.

It’s Friday, kids.  Election Day is just around the corner.  It’s time to start putting together your Election Emergency Preparedness Kits.  You’ll be facing long lines at the polls, so it’s best to go in ready for anything:

1)  Don’t forget your ID.  That way when you find out you’ve already voted for Obama because some ACORN hack stole your vote, you can prove who you really are.

2)  Bring snacks/munchies.  You’ll want to try to avoid long lines by heading over to the polls right after work, which may mean skipping dinner.  Bring along some Cheetos or something.  If an Obama supporter starts rambling on next to you, just toss one in his mouth.  Maybe he’ll shut up.

3)  Dress appropriately.  Kevlar body armor fits nicely under a heavy winter jacket.  Just a tip.

4)  Most importantly…and seriously…leave the kids at home.  There’s going to be a lot of nutty people out there voting in this heated race.  Special police have already been called in here in Ohio to cover the polling areas.  Who knows what kind of nutjobs may show up to harrass you, so don’t bring your kids.

John McCain likes kids by the way.  😉


Senator McCain Finally Does The Right Thing

Thank heavens, there still is a semblance of humanity and decency in Senator McCain, as he finally has started to try and quell some of the outright hatred and racism being displayed at his events. Thank you, Senator, very sincerely for doing starting to do the right thing. I hope you can continue to do so.

How the Blogosphere changed the Election

Much has been made of the blogosphere, and the twitterverse and many have questioned the value of this level of meta-chatter as part of our national political discourse. The blogosphere has been debunked as the “echo-chamber” little more than a place where like minded people repeated their opinions (often based on bias information) back to each other in an endless loop. Even we here at thinkPOP have questioned whether or not the blogosphere simply increases the liklihood of us living in a fact-less world.

From a post in our days as Policythought:

…But in the age of the internet it’s far worse than that. I can ensconce myself in ideological blogs and podcasts, the echo-chamber effect. And when empirical evidence begins to pop up that my ideology or political leader might not be right, I can simply recreate reality through unfounded stories and minority reports…

…The Internet for all it’s power to share information, might actually be encouraging people to pull further into their demographic an ideological enclaves than explore others…

That’s the down side of world of blogging, tweeting, and facebook-status changing that we now live in. But there is an upside, and we saw it at play this week.

The sense many were getting from John McCain rallies across the country was that his supporters had taken on an ugly “some have called it “hard edged” tone. It was one of those stories everyone felt was true but there wasn’t much evidence of so it never gained traction. This is also the kind of story the main stream media (a term I really hate, please someone come up with a better one) can’t really cover effectively. Polls and surveys never accurately reflect something as touchy as racism. And once a film crew and news reporter come in to take video all of the sudden people are on their best behavior.

Enter the citizen journalist, enter the blogger.

While he clearly had an agenda in making the video, his being an “average Joe” citizen not only made it more likely for people to answer honestly, it gave a forum for people to speak their minds. It was just a guy with a camera, not CNN. But when this video went up on youtube and linked to small blog after small blog, then to the major blogs like Politico, the MSM had no choice but to pay attention to a very real story that was captured and exposed on video for the world to see.

That eruption has shown the ugly side of McCain’s support and has fundamentally changed how McCain deals with some of these folks. Just today, Politico is up with another field report of an uncomfortable exchange between McCain and some supporters at a rally. The point here is that citizen journalism that exposed a real truth about the campaign changed the narrative of the race. That is the power of the blogosphere and the new media age. We need to embrace that power as a way of legitimizing the media landscape Americans find less and less trustworthy.

The Pressure McCain is Under

This blog among many many other voices on the web has wondered aloud, what happened to the “real McCain.” Well following up on the video we posted yesterday take a look at this article from Politico. It highlights the intense pressure McCain is under to attack Obama on every personal level possible. From Bill Ayers to Rev. Wright. People in the base of the republican party are terrified of Obama thinking he is at best a socialist, at worst a terrorist. Their rage is being focused on McCain as he refuses to full muddy the waters. 

Many voters may not like some of the ugly tactics employed by the McCain campaign. Even I have commented that it has shades of Karl Rove and kills McCain’s brand. But remember that it could be much much worse. 

A few passages from the Politico piece:

“Terrorist!” one man screamed Monday at a New Mexico rally after McCain voiced the campaign’s new rhetorical staple aimed at raising doubts about the Illinois senator: “Who is the real Barack Obama?” 

“He’s a damn liar!” yelled a woman Wednesday in Pennsylvania. “Get him. He’s bad for our country.” 

At both stops, there were cries of, “Nobama,” picking up on a phrase that has appeared on yard signs, t-shirts and bumper stickers. 


“I’m mad, I’m really mad!” the voter bellowed. “And what’s going to surprise ya, is it’s not the economy – it’s the socialists taking over our country.” 

After the crowd settled down he was back at it. “When you have an Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the hooligans up there gonna run this country, we gotta have our head examined!” 


“Obama Osama!” one woman called out. 

And twice this week, local officials have warmed up the crowd by railing against “Barack Hussein Obama.” 

Both times, McCain’s campaign has issued statements disavowing the use of the Democrat’s full name. 
A McCain aide said they tell individuals speaking before every event not to do so. “Sometimes people just do what they want,” explained the aide. 


“Yosemite Sam is having the law laid down to him today in Waukesha, Wisconsin,” quipped Limbaugh on his show Thursday, referring to the GOP nominee. “This guy, this audience member is exactly right,” the conservative talk show host said of the first individual. 

“You are running for president. You have a right to defend this country. You have a responsibility to defend this country and not just fulfill some dream you had eight years ago running for president against Bush. It’s time to start naming names and explain what’s actually going on, because Senator McCain, the people of this country are dead scared about what we face if you lose.” 

The ugly side of politics

You need not go further than rallies held by McCain/Palin to see just how ugly things are getting in this election. Rhetoric at these rallies has reached an all time low, and I’m wondering if most of that is centered in hatred for the Democratic agenda, or the candidate himself. The positive “country first” message has been tossed aside in favor of a more “us versus them” tone. Where is the man who claimed only days ago that he specialized in reaching across the isle, something McCain stated was needed in order to heal these deep financial wounds?  If McCain should win this election using his current slanderous platform, there’s a good chance that he could mirror Bush’s foreign policy in that he [McCain] will hamper any potential domestic peace accords. What Democrat in their right mind would come back to the table when the rest of the furniture in the room has been turned over in this recent political temper tantrum? This is clearly frustration, and is not the way one should go about winning the highest political office in the land. Since McCain is big on leadership, he should stand up and denounce these hateful outbursts from both his supporters and his brain dead Vice Presidential candidate.

Racism on Video

I’m certainly not the first blog up with this video this morning. But a liberal blogger in Ohio, posts this from a McCain/Palin rally in his home state. This is some of the tightest video evidence I’ve seen of inherent voter racism. These folks may be in the extreme, but they are also a very real segment of the population.