McCain is a Quack when it comes to Iraq

Watching the debate, it is abundantly clear that John McCain still doesn’t get it. To listen to him talk about excessive spending while wholeheartedly supporting a war which is straining our economy makes me want to put my foot through my television. While we’re on the topic of excessive government spending, we burn through billions of dollars in Iraq every month. I would also remind you that this is a war which was poorly planned and based upon lies and propaganda that to this day have yielded no weapons of mass destruction. I never thought Obama would be able to go toe to toe with McCain when it came to foreign policy, but after listening to both men it was clear that Obama would use better judgement in the use of American military forces. The mark of a excellent commander and chief is not measure in only his ability to lead during conflict, but also in his ability to use proper judgement when deploying our military in the first place. What was your take on the Iraq/Afghanistan portion of the debate? Drop me a line in a comment.


Palin Part Deux: Apparently that Russian Border really is dangerous.

I can’t embed it for wordpress reasons, but check out the latest piece of Palin-related brilliance on Russia. I’m sorry I’ve tried to be respectful, but the woman is trying my last nerve.