Remember the Bud “True” campaign? The “wazzup” guys? Huge cultural blip. Hall of fame TV spot. Anyway, a lot’s changed since that spot premiered. And now the fellas are doin’ a lot more than just “watchin’ the game” and “havin’ a Bud.” Like many, they’ve fallen on tough times. Check it out.


HSBC Commercial Understands Respecting Opposing Views

Obama Needs to Stop With All of The Same

Just read an excellent article on AdAge that makes an equally excellent point. Though Obama/Biden like to keep pounding us over the head with it, McCain is NOT Bush. He may think like Bush…vote for Bush…eat birthday cake with Bush. But at the end of the day, the campaign isn’t against Bush or Palin. I think supporting both shows a serious lack of judgment on McCain’s part – but that’s not going to be enough to sway independents or undecideds. Here’s great quote from the article that I think sums it all up:

Bill Hillsman, chief creative officer of North Woods Advertising. Hillsman has done advertising for that same old politician Ralph Nader. Hillsman had this to say: “This notion about McCain as being an extension of a third Bush term is strategically wrong, because independents already know that [McCain] is not George W. Bush. He’s run against George W. Bush. … The job that has to be done for Obama to win … is to convince independents that this John McCain is a hell of a lot different from the John McCain in 2000.”

One House We Can’t Afford to Give McCain