What is Sexy?

My production company is in the early phases of developing a show that will explore what “sexy” is in our popular culture. We’re trying to explore the difference between what the media tells us is sexy and what real people think.

Last night on twitter I asked “what is sexy to YOU?” and I got a lot of interesting responses. One of which was 140 characters was not enough to describe what people think is sexy. And so I open up our comment section to you. What is sexy to YOU? While there are no wrong answers let’s try to keep the discussion PG-13.

The comment section awaits!


The Recession and our Generation of Hope

I woke up this morning and went about my normal routine but today was different.  I could feel it building inside me. A sense of hope springing forward as I began to think about the generational challenges we are faced with and why this generation, our generation is ready for them. I look at what we can do, and what we are already doing and I realize that we will overcome not just this economic crisis, for those come and go. But we will overcome the crises of education, of healthcare and of energy within our lifetimes. Before I start to sound like too much of a salesman for the current administration, I want to share why I think our generation-the new professionals are uniquely suited to the age we were born into.

1. People are the new profit. If you read the commentary on web 2.0 and the future of the internet there is no end to the hand-wringing that goes on among the older set. The old saw goes “that’s great, but how do you turn a profit?” It’s not that we are a generation of socialists unconcerned with profit and loss, it’s that profit isn’t the driving force behind our motivations. Facebook began in a dorm room as an experiment in connecting people on campus. Google strove to create the better search engine. Netflix changed the way we rented movies. The list goes on, but profit wasn’t the driving force behind any of these ideas at the start, in the beginning it was about solving consumer’s problem. These companies have created new verbs, “google it”, he “friended” me, oh just “netflix” it. Fundamentally changing the way we do things, by solving a problem, rather than selling a bill of goods.

2. Small is the new big. If there’s one concept our generation is reflexively against it’s the concept of “too big to fail” entrepreneurship is something we all have a stake in now. We are a generation that maintains blogs and tweets to the world. We are our own ventures, our personal and professional lives are no longer as separate as they once were. For our generation ideas move as fast as you can type and hit the send button, so work happens wherever, whenever. Perfect for when the problems are global in scale and complex in nature.

3. Forget the suit, just bring your brain. The people at companies changing the world come to the office in sneakers and a sweatshirt. Power isn’t the currency anymore. We’ve changed the game, now it’s ideas and collaboration that build the better mousetrap.

4. This isn’t an age thing. Our generation is the most blind ever. Race, color, creed, gender, these matter less than what you bring to the table as a person and as a professional it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter where you grew up. Our generation looks to leaders like Google, like Ecko, like Apple, you know what all of their leaders have in common? Nothing, and that’s exactly how it should be.

5. Not afraid to dream. Rare is the person of our generation who can’t quote Star Wars, or didn’t watch Sesame Street and the Muppets as a kid. Those kids grew up and gave us Lord of the Rings, and Pixar and Slumdog Millionaire. We’re a generation that’s not afraid to dream big, we’ve been doing it since we are little. The naysayers see us a generation afraid to grow up. They’re wrong. We’re a generation that remembers what it is to dream, what it is to want something better, and will always work to make it happen.

6. Apathetic we are not. Young people fueled a political campaign and elected a president. Faced with eight years of leadership that completely rejected the values they hold dear this generation rose up and elected a new face to the scene. He might have been untested, but it was his ideas and rhetoric that drove President Obama to the oval office. His campaign’s ability to make every voice matter, to make every volunteer action important and open the halls of power to the masses that made him this generation’s choice for the Presidency. President Clinton had to beg young people to go vote, President Obama was their champion.

It’s not that I am arrogant about who we are and where we’re going, it’s not that I hate the ‘boomers or resent having all of these problems to solve. It’s that I think our generation is uniquely suited to problems that lie ahead. Ones where millions of brains will be needed to fundamentally shift our way of life from waste to sustainability, from consolidated power to diverse networks, from me to us. Our generation will spend the better part of our lifetimes calming the seige of global warming, ending the world’s carbon addiction, finding better ways to educate our kids and making sure we can all grow up healthy. We will lead the nation to a brighter day, one brilliant idea at a time.

The AIG Smokescreen

It’s not that I think the folks at AIG deserve bonuses. It’s not that I think they should be rewarded for playing a pivotal role in driving the national economy into the sewer.

I won’t point out that taxing one particular subset of Americans who are deeply unpopular is politically soothing but Constitutionally bunk.

I won’t even point out that the TARP program specifically allowed for executive compensation just like what we’re seeing now.

What I’d like to point out is that what the bailout, the stimulus package, and all of the other actions the government is taking to try and save the economy isn’t going to fix the core issue facing the US. The idea that any given company is too big to fail. We’ve allowed our corporations in America to become so large that they dictate fiscal policy.

The very idea that we’re going to some how “take back” the AIG bonus money is laughable, next quarter we’re likely to give AIG more TARP funds. Taking back our own money to give it back to the same company points out how twisted things become when government and private industry intertwine.

The rage we are feeling about AIG bonuses paid with our Tax dollars is justified. But it’s misplaced. We ought to have some rage at the fact that our government had no choice but to bail out these huge corporations because for too long we’ve sat by and let them become so integral to each other and to the global economy that they cannot fail, cannot be accountable for their errors, and are considered above the rules that govern the rest of modern capitalism.

When the dust settles and smoke clears from this debacle. I hope we see some real reform in the form of trust busting and robust regulation that brings these banks back into line with sanity. All the bonus taxes in the world won’t do a thing, until we institute real, politically difficult reform.

Twitter Addict? What level are you?

I was a major Twitter skeptic when I first heard of it. Then I started following a few people then a few more, then people started following me, and now I am something of a twitter addict. Twitter is not just a way for me to waste time (though occassionally….) it’s be an amazing networking tool, connecting to me to amazing professionals in the green building and sustainability space (I’ll be doing a post on them soon). But like anything else there are two sides to the twitter coin. It’s easy to get addicted. Are you addicted to twitter? Here is the thinkpop guide to twitter addiction.

Based on my conversation on twitter with @modishplum a few weeks ago…

  • Level 1- You compulsively check twitter once an hour.
  • Level 2- You check every 15 min.
  • Level 3- You have an app on your desktop you check constantly. You are the reason there are API limits.
  • Level 4- You have tweeted while at a twitter get-together event like the shorty awards.
  • Level 5- You have tweeted directly before after or during sex.

I have never actually experienced a level 5 tweeter. I imagine the posts would go something like this.

Woah, I’m gonna score!

Apparently my iphone doesn’t turn her on.

Well that was short.


Are you or someone you know a twitter addict? If so leave a comment or tweet it up #twitlevel


Social media isn’t just a bunch of people blogging about what they ate for lunch. Sometimes, its about the who kids don’t get lunch. 12for12k is an example of what happens when someone with a passion catalyzes social media to make a difference.

From the website:

The 12for12k Challenge is the brainchild of Press Release PR owner Danny Brown. Inspired by the way that social media has changed so many lives for the better already with various charity promotions, Danny wanted to do something that was both easy to take part in and have the potential to change as many lives as possible. The 12for12k Challenge started taking shape.

The concept is simple:

  • 12 months of the year
  • 12 charities, 1 chosen every month
  • 1200 people
  • $10 donation per person, per charity, each month for 12 months, a total of just $120 per person over the year
  • The goal – $12,000 per charity, $144,000 raised overall by December 31 2009

To ensure as much help goes to those who need it, all the partners in the 12for12k Challenge are offering their time and services for free. Additionally, every charity chosen must have no more than 10% administration costs, with financial records available on request. Additionally, all donations go direct to the charity’s normal donation page – there is no middle-man to handle donations.

The hope is that by keeping the donation amount small but the donating numbers high, the 12for12k challenge will not only be simple, but doable. $10 per month should be an easy amount for most people to give. One less beer; one less pizza; one less magazine – is it too much to ask for so little that can benefit so many?

I’m inspired. I’m joining the 12 for 12k movement. That’s the power of social media. Grassroots organization. Real help to those that need it. Interested in becoming part of the movement? Check out 12for12k.org and for those on twitter follow @dannybrown for more.

Know someone else using social media for good? Leave a comment below.

The rebirth of ThinkPop

ThinkPop was born as an outlet for me and a few of my closest friends to express our thoughts and interests in the world of Politics, Policy, and Pop Culture. While it always had a dedicated readership, after the election and being a bunch of blog-a-holics, we all needed a break from constantly writing about every bend and curve in the political road.

Well election season is over and it’s time now more than ever for citizens to express their ideas on where this country is headed. So I wanted to let you know that I will be back here at thinkpop blogging away. I hope you come join the conversation as commenters and linkers. I want thinkPop to be part of the conversation going on out there.

Drop me a comment. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Gifts for the gamer in your life…


Hi ladies, this blog is dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift for the video game obsessed man in your life. We know that when you go to Wal-Mart, there are about a million different titles for three systems. The salespeople won’t be much help since they say basically every title on the shelf is a “hot seller” this holiday season. So reference this quick list for a surefire hit this holiday season:

5. Guitar Hero: World Tour /Rock Band 2

If your man loves annoying you with his kick ass air guitar skills, these are the perfect games for him. Not only do you get the quality track list that only Guitar Hero and Rock Band games can deliver, but now you can also rock out the drums and vocals with this complete band kit game. The upside to this title is you might just find yourself slipping onto his gaming console to get a little rock on yourself.

4. Gears of War 2

The developers from EPIC games bring you the sequel to one of the most coveted games of all-time. Your man will be addicted to this games for its amazing graphics and intense action. There are few games that are worth buying an entire system for, and Gears 2 is one of them. If you don’t own an XBOX 360, this game will make you want one. 

3. Call of Duty 5: World at War

You man loves World War II movies, but he really loves WW2 games. The boys at Treyarch took the best elements from C.O.D 4 and re-applied the nostalgic theme. Add to that one of the most robust multiplayer experiences, and your man will surely be happy with this choice.

2. Left 4 Dead

This title for XBOX 360 and PC is one of the most intense multiplayer games of the year. Game Informer Magazine dubbed this zombie game the best in show @ the E3 games conference. Left 4 Dead combines developer VALVE’S impressive graphics engine with some of the most inventive multiplayer strategies to date. Your gamer will surely appreciate this title underneath the tree this holiday season.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

This game exclusive is potentially the sole reason to own a Playstation 3. If your man was hopelessly devoted to Playstation 2, there’s a good chance that he’ll enjoy a combination gift of a PS3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. The graphics are nothing short of breathtaking, and the multiplayer will keep him busy for hours. As an added bonus, the PS3 is a great Blue Ray player that all genders can enjoy on a wintry evening. Hope this list helped ladies. Happy holidays.