Detroit Puts Madison Avenue At Risk

According to AdAge, a disaster in Detroit could also have incredible repercussions on the advertising industry. As it is, reportedly hundreds have lost their jobs at Detroit divisions of major ad firms. Here’s the automotive ad biz by the numbers…

of total U.S. measured spending
of total U.S. network TV spending
of total (foreign and domestic) automakers’ U.S. measured spending
of total U.S. magazine ad spending
of total spending in Sports Illustrated
of total spending on Fox network TV
of total U.S. cable-TV ad spending
of ad spending on ESPN

What Would a Stephen Douglas Attack Ad Look Like?

Can you imagine what the TV ads would have been like in the election of 1860? Maybe it would have looked something like this…

Errol Morris Does Mac/PC Style Ads for Obama

Cute, quaint soundtrack. White seamless backdrop. Direct address to camera. You’d swear they were Mac/PC ads. Except that they’re ads supporting Barack Obama featuring Republicans who are supporting the Democratic candidate. The ads are directed by Errol Morris, Oscard-winning documentary filmaker who famously freed an innocent man with his early film, “The Thin Blue Line.”

During Gossip Girl, Jenny McCarthy Crusades Against Teen Pregnancy

This ran during Gossip Girl last night, apparently targeting high schoolers who watch the overly sexual teens and their weekly trysts. Abstinence education from Jenny McCarthy. Good or bad, it’s fascinating.


Remember the Bud “True” campaign? The “wazzup” guys? Huge cultural blip. Hall of fame TV spot. Anyway, a lot’s changed since that spot premiered. And now the fellas are doin’ a lot more than just “watchin’ the game” and “havin’ a Bud.” Like many, they’ve fallen on tough times. Check it out.

PC/Mac Musical

Evil Dead meets West Side Story meets Anchor Man in this ridiculously funny (and cartoon gory) take on the age-old PC vs. Mac debate.

Mac Goes Truly Negative on PC

Who isn’t a fan of the Mac/PC campaign? But now I think it’s getting ridiculous when a campaign attacks another campaign like this. Feels an awful lot like the presidential campaign…