PC/Mac Musical

Evil Dead meets West Side Story meets Anchor Man in this ridiculously funny (and cartoon gory) take on the age-old PC vs. Mac debate.


Mac Goes Truly Negative on PC

Who isn’t a fan of the Mac/PC campaign? But now I think it’s getting ridiculous when a campaign attacks another campaign like this. Feels an awful lot like the presidential campaign…

Micrsoft Ads,Part II: I’m a PC?

Microsoft pulled the Seinfeld/Gates spots today and kicked off phase two of their campaign. It’s a competitive spot taking on the perception of being a “PC” as created so brilliantly in the Mac vs. PC ads. For me, this falls really flat. And to jump on the ad blog bandwagon, Pharell’s cameo does absolutely nothing for me.

Palin’s National Defense Policies Apply to Dell PC’s

No, this isn’t really Sarah Palin in this new Dell advertisement. But it sure does look like her, doesn’t it?