Twitter Addict? What level are you?

I was a major Twitter skeptic when I first heard of it. Then I started following a few people then a few more, then people started following me, and now I am something of a twitter addict. Twitter is not just a way for me to waste time (though occassionally….) it’s be an amazing networking tool, connecting to me to amazing professionals in the green building and sustainability space (I’ll be doing a post on them soon). But like anything else there are two sides to the twitter coin. It’s easy to get addicted. Are you addicted to twitter? Here is the thinkpop guide to twitter addiction.

Based on my conversation on twitter with @modishplum a few weeks ago…

  • Level 1- You compulsively check twitter once an hour.
  • Level 2- You check every 15 min.
  • Level 3- You have an app on your desktop you check constantly. You are the reason there are API limits.
  • Level 4- You have tweeted while at a twitter get-together event like the shorty awards.
  • Level 5- You have tweeted directly before after or during sex.

I have never actually experienced a level 5 tweeter. I imagine the posts would go something like this.

Woah, I’m gonna score!

Apparently my iphone doesn’t turn her on.

Well that was short.


Are you or someone you know a twitter addict? If so leave a comment or tweet it up #twitlevel


3 Responses

  1. James! This is brilliant and hilarious!!! It’s just like our convo, which totally makes me laugh out loud! I was a level 3 before, but I would now classify myself a level 3+. Are you still a level 3? 🙂 Great post!

  2. This is funny, though I’m not surprised, coming from you. 🙂 I’d say I’m at a Level 3.5 with the one-time Level 4 transgression. (I did feel like a bit of a schmuck doing it, however, I was under a lot of — ahem — peer twessure.)

  3. Funny stuff! Is it possible to be more than 1 kind of addict? At home I have the desktop app… at the office, I check in every coupla hours when I can… lol! And there are times when I’m more of an addict than others. Can’t say I’ve tweeted after sex, but probably before… but only cuz I don’t have a laptop and the actual PC would be rather awkward in bed… or even on the nightstand! LOL! Anyway, I’m taking the 12 steps now so tweeple are seeing less of me on Twitter these days! 😉

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