China Opens Olympics

I can’t come up with a clever title for this post. Its the morning after and I am still completely blown away by China’s efforts in their wonderful opening ceremonies. At once a history lesson, a celebration of culture, and a show of brute discplined force, the Chinese elevated the Opening Ceremonies presentation to a definition of country in an artistic form. 


A recap is beyond my capacity and certainly isn’tnecessary. The flawless use of human artistry (dancers that paint a landscape with their strokes, man-powered raising and falling blocks, a thousands of illuminated dancers creating perfect

 circles and doves) and technology (the Olympic Rings woven into an LED fabric flown above the stadium, a 500 foot long LED screen that unrolled over the floor, a projection surface that wound all the way around the stadium). After the parade of nations, the Olympic flame capped off the night with a lighting ceremony at included a famous Chinese athlete literally flying around the stadium to light theultimate Olympic flame. Director Zhang Yimou created an artistic spectacle unparalleled in it artistry, spectacle, and sheer scope. 


China wows the world

I am a lighting designer by trade. My background is in theatre and TV, now I work in architecture. It’s late and so I will have a fuller post tomorrow, but anyone not blown away by what the Chinese were able to accomplish with their opening ceremonies just wasn’t watching. 

What a way to say hello to the world China. Congratulations.