Palin Leads…SNL to Highest Ratings in 14 Years

SNL had its highest rating in 14 years…since it was hosted by Nancy Kerrigan. “WHY???? WHY????” Because of Sarah Palin.


Palin wasn’t really on SNL

Ok I admit it. I bought into the hype. I wanted to see how Palin would handle her appearance on SNL. Would she take this chance to pounce on the media, to poke fun at the jokesters that helped bring down her poll numbers? What would she do? What would SNL write?

Well watching the clips I was utterly disappointed. Clearly, Sarah Palin was supposed to be a surprise guest, not a known commodity. SNL did their usual surprise guest thing. While making fun of the guest on stage they appear backstage to set the record straight. The problem is comedy is less funny the second time around and since it had been leaked by Palin herself that she would be on the show, the surprise was largely gone. She delivered no real jokes. Her cold open was little more than refusing to answer questions and saying “Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night!”

The Palin rap sketch featured Palin sitting behind the weekend update desk as Amy Poehler rapped about her and McCain. 

Final Take:


Sarah Palin=Bystander.

SNL whacks McCain

Not as funny as Tina Fey’s dead-on Sarah Palin impression. But this week SNL with the help of Al Franken (!) came up with an opening sketch send up aimed right for McCain’s lack of knowledge about technology and how he’s come to support his negative attack ads. Check it out.

SNL Arrives

On a somber morning in the financial world, I thought a little humor would do us all good. SNL’s take on Palin/Clinton was comic genius. Palin may be an easy target. But the juxtaposition of the two was very, very smart, and Tina Fey knocked it out of the park.