Brooks wants to hate the Obama team he just doesn’t

David Brooks, right of center columnist of the NY Times, pens this description of the growing Obama administration. He wants to look away in disgust at the pedigree of the assorted insiders, but the more he looks the more he likes what he sees. 

Best passage:

Obama seems to have dispensed with the romantic and failed notion that you need inexperienced “fresh faces” to change things. After all, it was L.B.J. who passed the Civil Rights Act. Moreover, because he is so young, Obama is not bringing along an insular coterie of lifelong aides who depend upon him for their well-being.

As a result, the team he has announced so far is more impressive than any other in recent memory. One may not agree with them on everything or even most things, but a few things are indisputably true….

It’s reassuring to me that the White House will be staffed by people that are truly competent in their fields. For too long we’ve had a president insulated from the facts he didn’t want to hear, and from dissenting strategies. As much as I understand Obama supports hating the idea of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, a team of rivals is the way to go. So far so good, but soon, they’ll actually have to govern.


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