Shades of Red

Jarvis is going to have you believe that Barack Obama won because we were all duped. What he can’t seem to be through his thick, conservative skull is that no one was fooled. He’s going to whine about reverse racism and make it sound like it was all a conspiracy cooked up by black folk and the media elite. He’s going to say that ACORN had a hand in it all. He’s going to claim a vast left wing conspiracy.

He sounds an awful lot like the people that thought there was a conspiracy to “steal” Florida in 2000. He sounds like a whiner on the losing team.

Jarvis, I’ll grant your request. I’ll never call President Bush a conservative again. I’m sure you’d call him a liberal because Rush and Hannity taught you one thing liberal=bad.

So I will paint a picture of the last 8 years as Jarvis must see it. President Bush and his liberal cronies decided to get together and cut taxes for the richest one percent of Americans, twice, while waging two wars. Then in an effort to spread his liberal ideology he decided to wage a premptive war in Iraq. He was so deeply liberal that he even proposed privatizing social security. His liberal ideals allowed for wages among all Americans not in the top 1% of earners to actually fall over the last eight years. All the while 47 million Americans went without health insurance.

And it was his staunch liberalism that allowed his Fed and Treasury departments to watch as a bubble of credit and real estate grew to enormous proportions setting up a recession. A mistake that liberal crony Alan Greenspan called a fundamental shock to his worldview.

President Bush left no liberal stone unturned. His lavish spending on aid to New Orleans after hurricane katrina made it like the storm never happened.

President Bush was too liberal for America.

The fact is Jarvis is really equating conservatism with competence. Stop calling Bush competent makes a lot more sense to anyone paying attention than stop calling Bush a conservative.

One last thing. You said that Obama’s entire platform was “I’m not George Bush” Well if we can have an anti-Bush for the next 8 years maybe things wouldn’t be so bad.


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