Not so fast…

If nothing else, the very least you guys could do is stop referring to the current Bush Administration as Conservative.  I have said it time and time again, but apparently it doesn’t sink into your thick, liberal skulls…

George W. Bush is not a Conservative.  Period.

Your vague attempts at trying to build ties to conservatism and Bush have lost their luster.  The damage has been done, and Obama is President-elect.  His entire platform of “I’m not Bush” has been built up by the media and spoon-fed to a gullible and uniformed public, and they bought it.  Regardless of what you think, Obama has been a media darling from day one.  He’s been portrayed as a rock star, a visionary, and proponent of change and hope.  It’s all hogwash.  If he wasn’t black, he would’ve just been another candidate, and that’s the simple truth whether you can see it or not.

This election has been a case study for campaigning in new millenium.  I will give Obama props for his efforts.  Both his internet marketing and ground troops really put things together for him, even if ACORN had a hand in all of it.  Personally, I think there will be some scandal in the coming months over his campaign finances, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As for not fighting against Obama, I don’t see that happening.  The last time I checked, which as 1:00am EST stats, Obama has about 51% of the popular vote.  In other words, regardless of the Electoral College victory, at least half of the country didn’t vote for him.  That’s not a “decisive” victory.  That’s not a country unified for change and a new direction.  That’s Obama squeaking by because he got 95% of the black vote and because of his campaign’s efforts to get college students to the polls.  Again, because he’s the black rock star.  It has nothing to do with his policies or experience or stance on issues.

The 51% of Americans who stood up with one voice are about to be clubbed in the kneecaps with the big heavy stick of the most liberal government in history.  The public at large has been so confused and misinformed about what socialism is, are about to find out first-hand.  Don’t make it sound like this was some kind of overwhelming decision, because it wasn’t.  As time goes on, the support for Obama will wane as his policies are introduced.  And God help us once he and Biden implement their Pakistan strategy.  I hope you have a fallout shelter.


3 Responses

  1. Very well said. Things like this give me hope for this country after the sham of an election that happened last night.

  2. Sham? Sour grapes.

  3. Yep – you people made your bed – fucking lie in it.

    I hope you’re happy.

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