Marc the Prophet?!

Very rarely do I pull out the “I told you so”, but in this instance I just happened to catch the post election coverage of the Sean Hannity radio show and it made me so happy. Some time ago I made a prediction about the election stating:

 Despite his (Hannity’s) misguided advice, Hannity’s show lacks discussion on all these vital issues. I’ll predict that when McCain loses this election Hannity will return to the “bash McCain express” which ran parallel to the “stop Hillary express” this past February. Then everybody will be able to see what a liar Hannity has been these past few months as he backed a candidate whom he claimed did not represent the Republican party. I have news for you Sean, your swiftboat politics have sailed, along with your parties chance at winning the White House.

Booya. Looking forward to the next four years immensely.


5 Responses

  1. Pssst…got a secret for ya….Hannity didn’t like McCain. Neither did Rush. Nor most of the rest of us who voted for him.

    Obama’s platform: “I’m not Bush”

    McCain’s platform: “I’m not Obama”

    And that was good enough reason to vote for McCain in most people’s opinion. Sure, he had his die hard supporters. He had people who voted for him along party lines. Probably even some people because of his stance on some issues. Hell, I’m sure there was even a bunch who voted for him because Sarah Palin is hot.

    But Hannity and Rush represent part of the core, the Conservatives. No Conservative voted for McCain on merit alone, I guarantee it. We voted McCain in an effort of preventing the disaster of Barack Obama.

  2. Back in the day, Hannity was great…….but I can’t even listen to the guy anymore. My original party has officially jumped off the deep end. They moved too much too the left.

    I can honestly say I am embarrassed to have once belonged to the Republican party.

  3. I know Republicans hated McCain, but what worse is that you nominated him.

  4. Ahhh, but there’s where you’re wrong already, Marc.

    We didn’t nominate him, the media did. The power of the press is an amazing thing. I would argue that this election cycle is probably one of its greatest examples.

    The media was fawning all over McCain from the get-go in Iowa. You couldn’t open up any newspaper without reading about how wonderful McCain was for the Republican party. Go McCain, we love McCain, McCain for America!

    Within DAYS of him accepting the party nomination, the media does a 180 and suddenly McCain sucks. During this election, the media had serious impact on:

    – The elevation of Barack Obama from the beginning in Iowa.
    – The destruction of Hillary Clinton.
    – The elevation of John McCain and subsequent crushing in the general election.

  5. What is it they say about the media? It’s the 4th branch of government! I see Sean’s been out these last few days. I haven’t had the pleasure of turning on my telly and see him eating crow. FOX news is dispicable!

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