Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses

My cohorts are unable to see the irony of their own words.  What you think I’m saying and what I’m actually saying are worlds apart.  You’re no different than the Media Cartel who try to define what Conservatism is, by using your own terms.  You can not see the world through my eyes, much less try to describe what I see.

There is no conspiracy theory.  The media is biased, according to their own words.  In an independent study done late last year, most reporters aligned themselves as liberals.  Media owners are large contributers to liberal candidates and special interest groups.  Most media (print, television, etc.) are owned by the same seven megacorporations.  By most, I mean that about 90% of everything you read and watch on television ultimately comes from the same source.  All liberal.  It’s not a matter of opinion or conspiracy, it’s documented fact that the media is biased.

You make it sound that I am a supporter of George Bush, when in fact, I am not.  I don’t agree with much of anything he has done over the last 8 years.  His inadequacies as President helped set up the defeats we Conservatives have suffered in both the Congress and the White House.  But George Bush is not the anti-christ either.  The American people have been led to believe that the President has all-encompassing power that he simply doesn’t have.  Most of the failures attributed to Bush by the media and the American people rightfully belong in the lap of the largely liberal Congress.

War was waged when we were attacked on 9/11.  They struck first, we didn’t.  They struck several times under Clinton’s watch, and we did nothing about it.  People oppose any war, it’s just the way of things.  No one wants to send their son overseas to die.  The closed mouth way the Bush Administration has handled the whole affair has only added fuel to the fire of a war that most Americans simply don’t understand.  We’re in Iraq because the terror regime roams the borders of the middle east looking for a home.  A weak country they can invade and take over.  They need money coming in to fund their activities.  Iraq was that safe-haven, and we have taken it away from them.  The surge has succeeded, but we need to get the country on its feet before we leave.  If we don’t, al-Queda will be back stronger than ever.

The government has spent our social security money long ago.  I can not afford to fund the retirement of a generation more than triple the size of my own.  Social security was meant to be a temporary fix to a problem 50 years ago, and instead has become a crutch and mainstay for government control and spending.  It is not the job of government to administer retirement plans, nor health insurance to the American people.  Yet another simple fact that most Americans can’t grasp.  A large majority of those 47 million uninsured have chosen not to accept insurance through their employer.  Another large portion are the wealthy, who are self-insured.  Don’t let the numbers mislead you.

I am not rich.  I barely qualify for lower-middle class.  Yet even I can see the significance in tax breaks for businesses and the wealthy.  These are the people who supply jobs for the American economy.  They are the backbone of capitalism.  When they are overtaxed, we all pay higher prices.  When they are way overtaxed, our jobs move overseas.  Businesses are there to make money.  If they can’t turn a profit within our borders, they will find a new home.  Punishing success is one of the most rediculous foundations of liberalism.  Those who achieve will cease to achieve when what they have worked for is redistributed to those who did not earn it.  Those principals have been applied throughout history in Europe and failed.  Most people want to work hard and reap the rewards of their work.  Not have it handed out to those who have done nothing.

The current financial crisis is a result of our culture, not George Bush policy.  As Americans, we want everything now.  Credit has made that possible.  All credit is based upon the 30 year mortgage, which is not a fragile thing under normal circumstances.  However, when the liberal-sponsored Freddy Mae and Freddy Mac programs instituted by Jimmy Carter and revised again by Bill Clinton gave loans to people who couldn’t pay them back, our financial system collapsed.  These government programs gave huge payouts to Democrats in Congress, Barack Obama included.  Yet another example of the government interfering with private industry and failing.  The recession is a direct result of the average American household carrying nearly $16,000 in credit card debt and homes that aren’t worth anything anymore because banks are very wary of who they’re loaning money to these days.

You, as an American citizen are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  You are not entitled to health care, a retirement savings account, or a cheap home to live in.  This is the land of the free, the home of the brave.  If you’re willing to work hard, nothing here is supposed to stop you.  This is the founding principal of capitalism.  Those who work the hardest, reap the rewards.  We have become a jealous nation who thinks everyone is entitled to the same thing.  Despite being taxed nearly out of existence, private industry and donors far eclipse the donations of the U.S. government to charity and world causes.  We are a generous nation, we don’t need the government to step in with a roll of red tape at every turn.  Take some personal responsibility, and make something of yourself.  Don’t expect your neighbor to give up part of what he’s earned to help you out.

Will I hold on to family values, traditions, and my Conservative roots over the next four years?  You bet your ass I will.  If upholding a way of life my grandparents fought and died to protect makes people look down their hippy noses at me, then that’s a badge of honor I’ll proudly wear.  Your baby-killing and same sex marriage movement is slowly killing off future generations of Democrat voters, and that’s just fine with me.  I’m not interested in your brand of change, or reaching across the aisle to work with you.  I will not light a candle and stand with you in unity.  I will not be bi-partisan in an effort to reach an agreement.  To do so would be giving up half of my principals.  Liberalism is to be defeated and cast into the abyss of history where it belongs.

There will be a resurgence of Conservatism in 2012, of this I am certain.  Someone will step forward with new ideas and a new voice, just as Reagan did.  His ideas were radical at the time, but proved to be exactly what the country needed after a failed administration under the liberal guidance of Jimmy Carter.

Don’t pretend to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.  Don’t wave around the flag of liberalism and claim to have the authority to brand others with the iron of Conservatism.  Free men will not be oppressed to serve their government.  The shores of this country have never been invaded by foreign foot soldiers for a reason.  We are an armed and free nation, and the American people absolutely will stand up for freedom and defend what they have worked to build.  They’re certainly not going to stand idly by and let the founding principals of this country be destroyed from within.


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  1. Jarvis, I admire your conviction and your values set, but McCain did not stand for traditional conservative values. At best he was the lesser of two evils for Republicans. I ask you, is that what you want? I hope you get a true conservative candidate in 2012, and I hope things go better for your party. I understand your frustration as nobody likes to lose an election, but not reaching across the isle only hurts both parties. You can’t just take your ball and go home cause you don’t like the score of the game. Get back in there and make America better, that’s what we’re called to do as Americans. Once the sting of this loss lessens I know you will agree with me.

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