Americans weigh in, elect Obama

As of midnight, EST, Barack Obama is the President-elect of the United States.  McCain has already given his concession speech, which I thought was very gracious.  Even in defeat, he stood proud, and squashed boos from the crowd whenever he mentioned Obama’s name.  While the popular vote remains within a few percentage points, the Electoral College shows Obama with a near 2-to-1 victory over McCain.

Racism part of the formula?

Exit poll data agrees with pre-voting data that 90-95% of black voters went with Obama.  I was flipping back and forth between my local news, Fox News, and (P)MSNBC.  I can only stand so much of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.  When all of a sudden, Jesse Jackson is on camera…crying.  Isn’t this the same man who said he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off?  Perhaps he’s crying because he knows he’s out of a job.  He has made a living of keeping the black man down, and now one is the next President of the United States.  Have a nice retirement, Jesse.

Hope and Change.  America’s new direction.

What’s even more important is the shape of Congress, which is also making a shift to the left.  With Obama in the Oval Office, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at the helm of Congress, and an overwhelming majority in both the House and the Senate, the people have decided America’s new direction.  We are no longer a nation of values and security.  We have become a nation of entitlements and self-importance.  Say hello to higher taxes, a stagnant economy, a weakened military, and a joke for international policy.  Start stockpiling your soup cans and flashlights, America.  If the next terror attack doesn’t destroy us, our own government will.

Final thoughts…

Republicans need to get their act together.  The good old boys need to be shown the door, and the party needs to return to its roots of Conservatism.  They have shifted too far to the center, and are no longer the party of new ideas and reform.  They are moderate Democrats.  As I sit here listening to Obama’s speech, and the chants from the crowd, I’m reminded of just how mezmerized the American people are by this man.  This has been a popularity contest, a freak show instigated by the media and allowed to remain unchecked by the McCain campaign and the Republican party for fear of backlash and being branded racist.

If we can somehow manage to survive the next four years, I believe the Obama Nation will have caused enough damage to allow a massive shift in power in 2012 to the right.  By then, Americans will have seen enough of the real Barack Obama to make the right choice.  I only hope it won’t be too late.


8 Responses

  1. Just sit back and relax. We’ll take things from here.

  2. Relax?

    You just elected Jimmy Carter to a second term, and I’m supposed to relax? This is going to be more fun than the Clinton years.

  3. Jarvis — do you really believe that the McCain/Palin ticket was centrist? As a moderate liberal, I can’t see that. They looked to be pandering to the furthest right elements of the party and the country (and some of the worst (NOT mutually inclusive groups)). And it didn’t succeed for that reason.

    I think this race hurt the GOP with the people it needs to court the most: not the right-wing conservatives (you think they’ll ever vote Democrat out of spite?), but with the people between the extremes. The McCain/Palin ticket was built on fear and divisiveness which is not what our country needs right now. We are wounded and need a chance to heal.

    That is one reason Obama won — he did not run on an extreme liberal/left agenda; he calmly and cogently explained his values and the people of the middle listened and believed what he said.

    There is no reason to be afraid of compromise and collaboration. Working together is what made this country great. It is not a sign of weakness.

    Oh, and as to the “popularity” issue: we’ve had a wildly unpopular president for the past 8 years, that didn’t go so well — I’m willing to give a popular one a chance for 4.

  4. Al –

    I believe McCain started out centrist (because that’s what he is) and tried to drift right with the addition of Palin. To some of us, the name Sarah Palin was not new, we’ve had our eye on her for some time. This was his effort to reach out to people like me, the party’s Conservative base, and for the most part, it worked. However, he further alienated the centrists in picking her.

    Obama started out far left and drifted center, as all Democrat candidates do. They energize their base, and pick up steam along the way. McCain had it backwards, which is typical.

    In theory, I am all for working together. Those on the far left and those on the far right coming to a middle and forging ahead. That’s the way democracy is supposed to work. However, as time has gone on, through media abuse and other factors, being on the right isn’t about an alternative point of view anymore. Being right is wrong. The Republican party has taken it on the chin for so long and done nothing about it.

    The left has pushed it’s political correctness agenda to the extreme, so yes, I’m angry. We all are. Because of the bad rap of George Bush, it’s only gotten worse over the last 4 years. Personally, I fight fire with fire. You point a finger at me, I’ll point one back, usually the middle one.

    Maybe Obama will be a good President. I wildly disagree with 95% of what he stands for, so it’s hard for me to see it. My biggest concern isn’t so much his false statements about his tax plans, or even his socialist views. It’s that he might kill us all with his naivety on foreign affairs.

  5. Jarvis —

    Some questions — and I mean these honestly, not as any kind of sarcasm or snideness. Educate me:

    1) Where had you heard about Sarah Palin before? I see nothing about her that deserves notice on a national scale, whose radar was she on?

    2) If a) conservative policy is for the betterment of business and the wealthy in promotion of job creation and opportunity for the rest and if b) the media is controlled (as you say) by seven megacorporations, who would seem to be served by a conservative leadership, why are their media mouthpieces so staunchly liberal? Why not use them to convice the country that conservatism and big business are the big good and that liberal is the big bad?


  6. 1) I first heard about Sarah Palin back as early as the Iowa caucus. I can’t remember the first source, but it was a discussion on who might be good potential running mates for these guys down the road. Sarah Palin of Alaska was mentioned several times.

    2a) Don’t think of it in terms of us being for business and the wealthy, that’s liberal terminology. We support free markets and private industry. The American Dream.

    2b) Not “as I say”. It’s a fact, please look it up. Among the top seven are: Viacomm, Time Warner, and Disney. These companies all control not only tv and radio, but outdoor advertising, magazines, and even Nickelodeon.

    As to the why is media liberally biased, I can only speculate. But when you look at who owns these companies, you can also find who they support on the political front. It’s all a matter of public record. Media owners by and large support liberals. Reporters are by and large the same way.

    You find the same thing in Hollywood.

  7. Jarvis —

    2a) Well, I am a moderate liberal, so I do think of it in those terms.

    2b) You did say it in your post, that’s why I said “as you say”. I am not disagreeing with it, I just find it odd that they would bite the hand that feeds them when they could have it in their power to help the hand feed them even more. I’m asking you, as you are a conservative voice and I’m curious what your speculation would be.

  8. Al,

    I have been unable to locate the source, but Dan Rather was once asked that very question: why is the media biased?

    His response was something along these lines:

    It was the hippy thing to do. Those were very liberal times (60s – 70s), and joining the ranks of journalism gave them a voice they needed to protest.

    My speculation and spin on that is, liberals have a greater desire to enter the media to express their views. Perhaps they feel wronged or oppressed, and that their “fight the man” mentality should be not only accepted, but shared by others.

    Take talk radio for example. This genre has been dominated by the right for ages. Not a single liberal format has been successful on radio, not one. Air America is a recent example. Why? Because the AM radio waves are the only avenue for views on the right. Most media is already dominated by the left, so radio is our safe haven.

    What does the left do about it? They are trying to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, which would effectively silence talk radio. Liberals always whine about partisanship, which is ironic in its own right.

    What I should do is post the research paper I wrote for a recent class. It was titled Leaning Left: Liberal Bias in American Media.

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