Americans Do Weigh In

A response to Mr. Fielding’s earlier post: You’re right.

You’re right in saying that this will indeed be fun. Because this nation will prosper anew, free from the politics of irrational fear and the failed policies of faux conservatives who conserve nothing. This isn’t a conservative loss. This isn’t a liberal victory. This is a change in direction.


Stop blaming the media. Stop blaming “celebrity.” Stop blaming PERIOD. This kind of cynicism does absolutely nothing constructive. You want reform? Work for it. You want to hold the new President accountable? Step up and work with him instead of fighting him from Hour 1. The fact of the matter is, the nation has more decisively than ever chosen its leader. That is not something worthy of blame. It is worthy of celebration that DEMOCRACY has prevailed. A Democracy John McCain believes in and has fought for his entire life. A Democracy he will continue to serve with distinction. Democracy doesn’t just work when “your” candidate wins. That, my friend, is self-importance and entitlement. And I agree that our nation has indeed embraced those value over the last 8 years. But last night, America took responsibility for itself and responded with volume and clarity of voice.


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