CNN is going to have HOLOGRAMS tomorrow!


Help Me Wolf Blitzer, youre my only hope!

Help Me Wolf Blitzer, you're my only hope!

Sorry guys, I needed to post something light-hearted this afternoon. Apparently not content with having cool screens where they can tap and stretch things ala iPhone, CNN is employing what they call the hologram. From the USA Today Story:


…instead of the split screen or window TV viewers might typically see during live remote interviews, the Obama spokesperson will be projected as a three-dimensional hologram, making it appear as if he or she is in the Manhattan studio with Blitzer…

and on the technology…

CNN will have 44 cameras and 20 computers in each remote location to capture 360-degree imaging data of the person being interviewed. Images are processed and projected by computers and cameras in New York. There’ll also be plasma TVs in Chicago and Phoenix that will let the people being interviewed see Blitzer and other CNN correspondents. Bohrman says the network can project two different views from each city so Blitzer can appear to be in the studio with two holograms.

Ok so it’s a little Star Wars, it still sounds cool to me. I’ll have to catch it on youtube, because I’ll be watching the returns on PBS.


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  1. In the end, I think the “holograms” spent more time talking about the experience of being on the business end of the tech than they did adding substance to the CNN coverage. It did look interesting, though.

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