Remember the Alamo! Vote for Obama.

Do you remember how you felt immediately after the 2000 election? Do you remember that sour taste in your mouth as the election was stolen from Nobel Prize winning Al Gore? Imagine where the country would be if we had elected a man capable of deep thought and reflective foreign and domestic policy instead of shooting from the hip “Mavericky” governance? Now take up all that angst and loathing, and then swallow it deep down into your stomach. Why your stomach? Because that’s what you’ll need to feed on while you’re waiting in those long voting lines on Tuesday. Don’t buy into the hype that you need not go out and vote because Obama is a “lock” in the electoral college. That electoral college depends on your votes, and if you think this election is safe, think again. Remember the Alamo! Remember the 2000 election! We can ill afford another minute of these failed economic policies. Make this election a referendum on the way that Washington operates. Send a message to the GOP and let them know that they have lost their way. Take back this country from the “God Warriors” and their hateful agenda that seeks to divide our country into white, black, gay, straight, them, and us. This is your moment. This is your time. This is your chance to make history. Don’t let up for one second when so much is at stake. God bless America.


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