Research shows that those who refuse to participate in surveys tend to be less likely to vote for a black candidate.

Read that headline again. Now read it a third time. Isn’t that one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever read? Credit one of the nation’s most ridiculous newspapers, the New York Times for publishing it in this article.  Where is this research?  How did they research people who…decline to be researched?  They live across the street in Democratville where all this polling data about Obama’s lead is coming from.

It’s Friday, kids.  Election Day is just around the corner.  It’s time to start putting together your Election Emergency Preparedness Kits.  You’ll be facing long lines at the polls, so it’s best to go in ready for anything:

1)  Don’t forget your ID.  That way when you find out you’ve already voted for Obama because some ACORN hack stole your vote, you can prove who you really are.

2)  Bring snacks/munchies.  You’ll want to try to avoid long lines by heading over to the polls right after work, which may mean skipping dinner.  Bring along some Cheetos or something.  If an Obama supporter starts rambling on next to you, just toss one in his mouth.  Maybe he’ll shut up.

3)  Dress appropriately.  Kevlar body armor fits nicely under a heavy winter jacket.  Just a tip.

4)  Most importantly…and seriously…leave the kids at home.  There’s going to be a lot of nutty people out there voting in this heated race.  Special police have already been called in here in Ohio to cover the polling areas.  Who knows what kind of nutjobs may show up to harrass you, so don’t bring your kids.

John McCain likes kids by the way.  😉


3 Responses

  1. The headline makes perfect sense if you read the article (helpfully linked) in looking at past voting records those who did not participate in polls but turned out to vote were more likely, statistically to vote against the black candidate. This article attemptst o explain the existence (or lack) the Bradley Effect. ( I happen to think it doesn’t exist.)

  2. Amazingly enough the “special guards” are there to intimidate Democratic African American voters more than anything else. Yes folks bring your id’s, bring your patience, bring your video cameras to document any attempt to disenfranchise you. The only way the Republicans will win this election is by stealing it. Stand strong and don’t buy into any poll that will try to make you feel comfortable. Remember 2000? Don’t put anything past the Republicans to keep the regime rolling.

  3. Hehe, you Dems always crack me up.

    You always believe these elections are just yours for the taking, and anything otherwise is stealing. It’s pretty much your entire mantra…entitlement.

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