Obama infomercial great for the faithful…not many others

Just watched the Obamathon (available in full above) and it seems clear that it wanted to achieve three basic things:

1. Continue to drive home the point that Barack Obama is “one of us.” Stories of his mother and absent father, stories of his grandparents, images of him with the girls. Obama is a regular family man just like you Mr. Undecided voter. 

2. He gets your problems. He’s not a high-minded intellectual, he walks the walk and listens to real people all over the country he knows these problems are real. 

3. For the faithful, get out and vote, call, knock on doors, etc. 

While skeptics certainly weren’t turned, and few undecideds were either. I think this television ad basically created a summation and a closing argument for Obama’s campaign in a way that really nothing else could. After the last debate its up to the media to parse out information to voters. This was a way to rally the troops one last time nationally, and it was a way to lay out the points above. It captured the intimate and the grand. 

So was it nothing more than propaganda…you bet. But it was well-produced propaganda, and if it did nothing else but get a few couch potatoes off their butts and on the phone call roster, it did something.


8 Responses

  1. I didn’t watch. I’m addicted to Pushing Daisies. No way was I missing that show for an infomercial.

  2. He’s not one of us. I don’t think we’re all Harvard-educated elitists with a hidden social agenda to turn this country into pre-WWII Russia.

    He doesn’t get our problems. He doesn’t understand that socialism and more government is not the solution to them either.

    Not a high-minded intellectual? Well, his ideologies are severely flawed, but I would argue that Barack Obama is the smartest man of modern times. America has been hypnotized by this man. So much so, that they’re not even listening to what he’s saying.

  3. Exactly how “one of us” does a candidate have to be?

    John McCain grew up navy royalty, he married one rich woman, divorced and married a richer one. He owns 8 houses and 13 cars, he has access to a private jet.

    Man of the people? I don’t think so.

    Obama son of an absent father and working mother. His family needed food stamps. He worked his way into America’s finest collegiate institutions, has been married once and has two daughters. Guess what he is one of “us.”

    Socialist, marxist, reverse racist. Just keep throwing jello at the wall and hoping something sticks. The truth is if this man were either A) White or B) a republican (yes, running on the same platform), you and Rush and the rest of the ditto heads would be thrilled.

    Did you watch McCain on Meet the Press this past weekend? Confronted directly on the socialism question he floundered especially under the weight of clips of things he’d said in the past.

    The republican party is so confused as to it’s own direction and policies they have nothing left but to attempt to tear down their opponent. They nominated McCain because he was the most liberal of the candidates they had. Then Hannity and Rush got upset and McCain ran back to the base picking a woman clearly not qualified to be president. It’s a pathetic campaign in a pathetic time for the Republican party and brand. Nationalize a few more banks, then call Obama a socialist.


  4. So because Obama was raised by his granny that makes him one of us? The fact that he’s been a millionaire for several years pretty much excludes him in my book. In truth, the only politician in recent memory who really is “one of us” is Sarah Palin. Who, incidentally, is more qualified than Barack Obama.

    I could care less that he’s black. Which makes me somewhat unique when it comes to my views on racism. I don’t give a damn what color anyone is. Just don’t expect something special from me because you’re different. Personally, I think Condi Rice would make a great President in 2012.

    Meet the Press? People actually watch that garbage? You really need to get out more often and watch some unbiased news programs, or God forbid, research something yourself. Liberals are lazy. You take the press at their word, which is a big mistake.

    I agree that the GOP is confused. The media and liberals have tried for so long to redefine who they are, and it’s finally succeeded. We have McCain, who is a moderate at best, leading the party. The party needs to return to its conservative roots, or it’s doomed to fail, just like liberalism.

    You’re forgetting to mention the Democrat programs Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac that got us into this mess in the first place…and the Democrat Congress who approved and constructed the no-strings-attached bailout. Sorry, but Bush doesn’t have the power to write legislation. That’s why we have a Congress.

  5. Do I watch Meet The Press? yes. The candidate for president was being questioned. I wanted to see what he’d have to say. That’s not liberal garbage. It an interview. Silly neocons if it’s not Fox News it must be garbage.

    Oh and where should I be researching things myself? Like you do? Grabbing videos off Drudge and posting? Come on. Get real.

    Conservatives run on a platform of government is bad, then get elected and prove it.

  6. Because Meet the Press is an unbiased news program, right? Get real. Fox News is just the opposite, it gives a right slant on everything. See the difference here, James? I can recognize propaganda. Most liberals can’t You take it all at face value. It’s the same reason the polls are so different.

    And you’re wrong about Conservatives. As usual.

  7. I call out media bias on both sides. Read through my posts lambasting both rush and olbermann. Before you rush to attack check my record. MTP is an interview show, there’s nothing biased about asking candidates questions.

    Conservatives rail against the media, but Sarah Palin was lobbed softballs by Katie Couric and couldn’t give coherent answers and McCain was served up a similiar softball (the socialism question) and couldn’t answer.

    Even your comment on my George Will post took from the shoot the messenger playbook. Rather than argue against what Will (a long-time well noted conservative) had said you rambled about liberals “not getting it.” conservatives are so confused on issues these days that they can’t even argue them anymore.

  8. I know where I stand on every single issue. From gun control, to abortion, to individual liberty and responsibility. Most true Conservatives do. We’re all about the issues.

    Liberals try to muddy up the waters by being wish-washy on everything, attempting to pander to the most voters. The only ones confused are liberals who try to interpret us in their own terms. You can’t define my position on anything, because logic and reason are not what liberalism is all about.

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