Context, Context, Context!

Two cents on the issue of socialism as it pertains to this campaign and the potential future economy of this country. This notion of “spreading the wealth around” as the platform of Obama’s economic strategy is malarkey. The notion that Obama is a socialist is malarkey. The reason being that this fit-for-scrutiny soundbite extracted by Obama’s critics is of course taken completely out of context from the rest of the “Joe The Plumber” conversation.

Obama has no intention of taking money back to “give it” to anyone. He has no intention of “leveling the playing field” in any sense that a doctor and a plumber would/should earn the same income. The full extent of his economic plan – whether you agree with it or not – is to provide tax breaks to the middle class (95% of the population) and repeal Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest members of our nation. People who can afford it. People who’s livelihoods do not depend on it, nor do their business investments.

Why would I make such a statement? Because these are the same folks who already are shipping jobs overseas and doing everything they can to scrape an extra buck now WHILE they have huge tax cuts. Why should we believe they’ll act any differently if these tax cuts that have hampered the middle class for 8 years are maintained? The wealthiest 1% had 8 years of tax breaks to stimulate the economy and have done nothing. The Obama tax plan doesn’t give these wealthy people’s money back to citizens -everyone still has to earn their way up. It invests money back into federal programs that are vital to the survival of our nation. We can’t have a strong military with no funding. We can’t protect our borders with no funding. We can’t increase the quality of our education under NCLB with no funding. And we can’t expect the middle and lower classes to carry this burden when these people can’t even afford to keep their homes.

If you think this is going to level anyone – especially when you consider that the wealthiest of our citizens make more than the lower half of our populations earnings COMBINED – it’s ludicrous. I don’t like taxes, no one does. I would certainly consider myself a fiscal conservative. But we can’t have it both ways. And we can’t keep comparing our business tax rates to other nations, like Ireland – who Senator McCain loves to  mention. I’m sorry, but when was the last time the Irish were an economic superpower? We’re supposed to be the richest nation on Earth. We have one of the most complex national infrastructures and economies (both of which are in the crapper right now). Of course our tax rates are higher. And seeing how the dollar is performing, it’s even less of a surprise.

So, love Obama’s tax plan or hate it, but it’s not socialism. It’s not horribly unfair. And I should only wish I was in a position of wealth great enough to bitch about it.

Which leads me to my PS…

PS: Why are so many people who will benefit most from Obama’s tax cuts so bent out of shape? No one’s stopping them from achieving the American dream. If anything, they’re getting a boost up to/from the middle and then they can make the push up to the top with the same American elbow grease that got our parents’ and grandparents’ generations up there.

I’m so spent by this election…and I haven’t even been taxed yet.


3 Responses

  1. wrong again. socialism is socialism. define “refundable tax credits” you ignoramus. they are tax giveaways to people who are not even paying any taxes. take from the rich and handout to the others. it will not even be a part of the federal budget because it is a tax and redistribution. you can call it welfare. you can call it handouts. they call it refundable tax credits. the obama campaign does not deny this.

  2. Obama is a Socialist. Whether He is a Marxist or not,that is the question.
    The Democratic platform is Socialist in nature. It is for redistributing the wealth from the middle and upper classes to the low income/ welfare classes. Government programs for helping those who do not want to work, but love a handout.
    So is He a Socialist, yes he is. Is he a Marxist, probably.
    Will He run this Country into the ground if He gets a chance? I sure of it, all in the name of saving us from ourselves.
    Government always does a better job of taking care of things that the people- Just look at the Social Security and Medicare programs. One is going Bankrupt and the other has costs spiraling out of control and the best plan they can come up with is to reduce benefits.
    If Obama does what he says he will, He will cause more Jobs to go overseas, more unemployment and more welfare and a bigger deficit.
    He wants to make Green Jobs, and how many will that employ?
    100,000 to 200,000 people at most.

    I can not afford to buy a new hybrid car, or Solar panels on my home.
    So who is going pay me off so I can afford have them???????
    Maybe He will give me a “Green Welfare Check” from your tax money to buy them with??????
    Just so a few people can keep those green jobs, he promised.

    Of course if those green companies make to much money they will be “Taxed out of Business”, if they make to litte we will be taxed to “Bail them out”, either way we lose.

    So let’s stop this nonsence now and Vote for McCain.
    At least the Devil you know is a better choice than the Devil you
    don’t Know

  3. Mike, do your homework.

    It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to cut taxes for 95% of Americans when only 60-65% of them pay taxes in the first place. And by “do your homework” I mean look at the IRS website, and nowhere else. The numbers are there.

    Barack Obama is a liar.

    If even just HALF of you Obama horn-blowers would take the time to research your candidate, you’d realize the truth too. Instead, you believe the nightly news and the NY Times. You don’t know about the vested interest the media has in Democrats because you’re uniformed.

    I’ve always said it, and it’s blatantly obvious in this election: Liberals exist for one reason, and one reason only. They’re too stupid to be Conservatives.

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