Obama the socialist? I think so.

Obama - Marx - Socialist - Election 2008

While gentlemanly and healthy debate can be a good thing, it’s boring. Which is why Jerry Springer gets more face time than political debates. People are more interested when the gloves come off, when people start swinging and pulling hair. One has to be careful though. You certainly want to get your point across, but without sounding like an off-the-wall hack like Keith Olbermann.

I recently posted a link to a YouTube video, which is actually an audio clip from a radio appearance Obama made in Chicago in 2001.  If you look around, you can find the full 53 minute audio of the entire radio program.  While the link I provided is edited for length, as it focuses on Obama’s comments only, it has not been tampered with or remixed.  Period.  I’ve listened to the 53 minute version too, and it’s the same.  However, if you’ve read James’ article, you’d believe the sound bites were “cherry-picked”.

Recently, there has been much speculation about Barack Obama, and whether or not he believes in socialist ideologies. I’m here to put that speculation to and end, once and for all.  In Obama’s first book, Dreams of My Father, he wrote:

“One who has read Marx cannot fail to see that corporations are not only what Marx referred to as the advanced stage of capitalism,” he wrote. “But Marx even called it finance capitalism by which a few would control the finances of so many, and through this, have not only economic power but political power as well.”

These are Obama’s own words.

Not only did Obama read Marx, he embraced his ideals, and that of socialism.  In college, he surrounded himself with like-minded individuals, which ultimately led him to William Ayers.  There are rumors that Ayers co-penned Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, which echoes Ayers’ writing style.

In a shameless self-plug, you can read more about the Obama-Ayers connection on my personal blog, here and here.  The proof is there, dear readers.  The media and supporters of liberalism will have you believe that Obama is not a socialist, which is an attempt to cover up the truth.  With only a week left before November 4th, there’s still time to do your own homework, and discover for yourself the truth about Barack Obama and his plan for America.

The Obama-Ayers ideologies came to fruition in their collaborative effort to “reform” the Chicago school system.  The Obama-led Woods Fund foundation donated millions to WIlliam Ayers and his Small Schools Workshop.  They even shared offices on the same floor of the same building.  This team effort helped transform Chicago’s schools into the worst performing, lowest ranked in the nation.  Imagine these failed ideologies inserted not only into the entire nation’s schools, but into America as a whole.

This is not change you can believe in.  Vote NO for Obama-Marx in ’08.


7 Responses

  1. This paranoia is ridiculous. First Obama is an Islamic extremist, then he’s a Socialist. These labels are ignorant. So Obama has read Marx and can appreciate certain ideas…that doesn’t make him a socialist. I too have read Marx, and while I don’t think that a government should be based entirely on his philosophies, I do think it holds value. Perhaps you think that makes me a socialist. Obama is liberal leaning. He plans to make the tax wealth gap a little more reasonable. That’s not socialist, that’s common sense. And that is the only wealth he speaks of: Taxes. So unless cutting taxes for only the wealthiest indiviudals and corporations makes certain Republicans oligarchist or elitist, then cutting taxes for only the middle class does not make someone a socialist. The second point is that our country is blessed with 3 branches of government, though we often forget that, to provide checks and balances. Part of the freedom of those checks and balances is to have people of divergent opinions govern. This produces compromise and moderation. What does that mean? That means that even if one day, a person were to run for president on the Socialist ticket and win, the country would not turn into the USSR. In other nations, especially in Europe, socialist parties are active parties. They win seats in Congress, are occasionally President, and yet Europe is in no danger of receding into some menacing red curtain. So no more labels, no more fear mongering…let’s get real, and let’s have a little faith in our country.

  2. I agree with the above statement and would add; would you take public schools away in favor of only allow people that can afford it have it? Would you abolish libraries?

    These are socialist ideas.

    Socialist ideas extend to both campaigns, the different is how they intend on spreading the wealth, not on spreading the wealth itself.

  3. Fear mongering. Paranoia.

    You’re aware that those wealthy individuals currently pay nearly quadruple the amount of taxes they should pay? You’re aware that nearly 50% of Americans didn’t pay any taxes at all last year, and most got refunds?

    If not, then I certainly hope that you’re aware that those wealthy individuals run the businesses that employ the rest of us. Continuing to punish success in this country is what drives the businesses [and jobs] out. Our business tax is the highest in the world, and Obama wants to raise it even more.

    Trickle up economics does not work. When was the last time you got a job from a homeless person?

  4. No one is arguing against your tax philosophy. You hold a valid point of view, whether or not I agree with it. What I object to is this name calling that lately we are so quick to jump to. Obama’s tax philosophy makes him no more socialist than yours makes you oligarchist. Instead of getting messages of fear, let’s share our ideas. That’s what I’d like to see.

  5. Raquel, an excellent response.

    I, too, am not opposed to healthy debate and am able to see valid points on the other side. But Obama’s tax philosophy does echo that of socialism.

    One of the underlying principals of that ideology is to level the playing field, to eliminate social classes formed by wealth. It seeks to create uniformity. Meaning, in the ideal socialist society, a doctor earns just as much as a street sweeper.

    This country is founded on the backbone of capitalism. Meaning, if you have the will and desire to be successful, nothing can stop you here. Bill Gates, Sam Walton, the list goes on forever. Hundreds of thousands of immigrant inventors have came to the United States and made it big.

    Obama intends to stifle all that. Spreading the wealth around destroys Americans’ incentive to start and grow business. His tax plan punishes success, which is not what America is about. Reagan brought us out of an economic funk in the 80’s by slashing taxes, which spurs growth.

    Look at history. You DO NOT increase taxes in an economic downturn. The last time it was tried, we had the Great Depression. Jimmy Carter tried again in the 70’s. Again, disaster. Barack Obama’s ideology does not support capitalism, and does not support America.

  6. Higher taxes? That is what this is about? Either plans are going to have to change or raise taxes (well McCain’s didn’t at first, but it does now.)

    All the individual people get a tax CUT. Down to the area of what we paid under Regan.

    The businesses that make over $250K (net not gross) can’t afford a 3% tax hike? That doesn’t make much sense, after all we are talking after deductions, and after all those extra deductions given under the plan, like the intensives for jobs in the US.

  7. The tax rate for that particular bracket is currently 36%. Obama proposes raising it to 39%. I don’t know about you, but I’m taxed on gross income, which is what business are taxed on as well. A business with a net of $250K can have a gross of $500K easily, which encompasses a lot more companies than what Obama eludes to.

    Lastly, no business…and this is where things get very important, so pay attention…no business pays taxes. Taxes are an expense, just like payroll and other overhead. YOU, the consumer will absorb that tax increase. YOU will pay more for the same products under the Obama plan.

    Businesses are then forced to make a choice:

    A) Offer the same product for an increased price and lose business.

    B) Relocate to a different country where taxes aren’t so high, killing American jobs.

    C) Absorb the additional expense and eventually go out of business, also killing American jobs.

    Most businesses will elect option B. They will more to Mexico or Ireland where they can operated under a system that has almost HALF of the US tax rate, ship their products to the US, and maintain a profit. What has happened to the automobile industry is a prime example of this.

    Cars use an abundance of metal. The processes of collecting, refining, and using metals is one of the highest regulated and taxed industries in this country. That’s why they’re all going out of business, moving, and laying off workers.

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