Obama the socialist? I think not.

My fellow contributor here on thinkPOP, Jarvis, has found a piece of a radio interview done with Barack Obama recorded in 2001. Listening to the cherry-picked clips of a discussion about the civil rights movement and watching the highlighted text swirl by you might be convinced that Obama is some kind of Marxist. 

However, understanding the shifts in the legal and social framework that occurred at the time of the civil rights movement, there was justification for the limited redistribution of wealth to a people that were the direct descendents of slaves and who because of segragation weren’t able to hold the same jobs or attend the same schools. He said that the courts were able to make schools “do things that cost money” like take in more students and hire more faculty and security to take in the influx of black students in the south. This is redistribution of wealth. In short, there is nothing in this clip about taking money away from the wealthiest Americans and giving it to poorer ones. 

As for this argument about the tax code. Well, while “spread the wealth around” was a silly comment to make, the real policy makes sense. The bush tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent of earners need to be repealed to pay for the wars our nation is fighting. Never in our nation’s history have we waged any war and cut taxes at the same time. Yet President Bush did each twice. The crippling loss of income has hampered our ability to fight this economic crisis without borrowing. 

But getting back to our favorite plumber…most plumbers make less that 250K a year, in fact most plumbers make less that 100k a year, no in fact most plumbers make less than 50k a year falling directly into the target for Obama’s tax cut. I amazes me that so many are ready to stand up for Joe. Remember the days before the Bush tax cuts, when pop stars and wealthy businessmen only had 12 cars in the driveway? those were mighty lean times indeed. 

Enough of our richest people calling out class warfare. And enough of those who know nothing of the civil rights movement cherry picking clips to misconstrue an argument.


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