Markets continue slide at prospect of an Obama win

NEW YORK, NY (SR) – As Barack Obama’s lead grows in the polls, the stock market continues its precipitous slide, and many Wall Street analysts claim the two are directly related.

“Heck yeah, they’re related,” says a Senior Analyst Tinsdale Weeks. “Socialism and the stock market don’t mix, and every investor with an IQ higher than a swim fin knows Barry is Hugo Chavez on crack.”

Investors are clearly worried by Obama’s plan calling for numerous tax increases [including reinstatement of the Death Tax, ed.], a jump in the capital-gains rate, massive expansion of government and public-works projects, increases in foreign aid to hostile regimes, and a token $500 welfare check that he calls a tax cut to everyone else.

Democrats are fearful that a McCain victory would lead to a strong bull market that would create wealth, thereby causing widespread resentment among their base.

In this election there is clearly enough worry for everyone.


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