Obama versus McCain…here on thinkPOP

ThinkPOP like any blog lives on it’s search engine recognition. Well for some reason (reasons I certainly do not understand) a post of ours on John McCain has remained high on Google searches and may be unfairly slanting readers to think that we’ve only issued challenges to John McCain. The post dates back to August and pre-dates the Sarah Palin selection. It was as series of policy questions set to ask whether or not the candidates policies were going to really put our “country first.”

Readers have commented via email and on the boards and there is a sense that we have never challenged Obama in a similar way. This is just not true. In fact we linked to a challenge to Obama in the very same post. So folks, while we may lean left of center. We’ve done our best at every turn to be critical of the senator from Illinois. Go ahead and keep those comments coming. You know we love them here at thinkPOP.


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