Mary Mapes at it again

Ex-CBS journalist Mary Mapes takes a swipe at the conservative blogosphere today.   Claiming that with the looming victory of Barack Obama in less than two weeks, Conservo-bloggers such as myself won’t have anything to write about.  In her article on the Huffington Post, Mapes says “the monster is dying”.  Bloggers raised questions about some of the sources of Mapes’ research on President Bush’s military service, which led to an internal investigation in 2004.  Ultimately, Mapes, a former Peabody Award winner, was fired in what has become known as “Memogate” or “Rathergate”.  The scandal is rumored to have hastened the departure of long time anchor, Dan Rather as well.

Mary…shut up.  We’re not going anywhere.  If anything, an Obama White House, unless he renames it the Black House, will only give us reason to shout even louder.  You’re a hack, a has-been, trying to cash in on the Obama Express just like Colin Powell and all the others.  America is cheering now because they’re stupid.  They believe the lies in the media because you’ve been telling them for years how much America sucks.

Help me Obama-Wan Baracki…you’re my only hope.


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