Why Republicans should worry about thr Powell endorsement

Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama said far more about the Republican Party than it did about John McCain or even Obama himself. Powell took his time and carefully described his old party. He described a group moving further to the right and narrowing in political view. When the party has narrowed to the point where Colin Powell of all people, the one official of conservative beliefs most Americans trust has to go beyond his party to find the man he’s going to vote for, it shows your party has narrowed too far. This party of principals like reducing the size of government and lettingvthe private sector take the lead has moved so far to the right they sat by as traders bought and sold securities they didn’t even understand. Party orthodoxy has given way to common sense a governance. When that happens it’s time for the party to spend some time in the wilderness.

Republicans why not spend the next four years on the side lines, figure out who you are and get back to us.


One Response

  1. Is it about race?
    Only one person knows for sure…and that’s Colin Powell
    Powell claims that he’s not happy with the “rightward shift” of the Republican party. But is there any merit in his accusation???
    Listen to Republican Senator Michelle Bachmann
    Video of Senator Michelle Bachmann on Hardball
    So…what do you think??. is Colin Powell was just being overly sensitive.

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