Sunday announcement

The Republicans can have Joe Liberman, because as of Sunday morning Colin Powell officially endorsed Barack Obama. Like so many others, Powell felt that Ayers had become a central theme of the Republican campaign. I wonder how Hannity will spin this on Monday. My guess is that he’ll probably ignore the endorsement entirely. Or he’ll say, “who needs a Secretary of State, we’ve got Joe the Plumber!” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


2 Responses

  1. Not sure what Powell’s endoresement gets them. Doesn’t change who Obama is. And that’s the main problem.

  2. Did you listen to Powell’s endorsement. He said all the things Obama is, and what McCain is NOT. I would like to know (besides a war hero) what ideas McCain has that inspires you? Let’s not just rehash the boogey man stories, and hypothetical tax situations. Fact: If you make under 250,000, Obama will not tax you. What is McCain changing about the economic structure? Nothing. We know who Obama is. We have been getting to know him for over two years. You know who we really need to get to know Sarah Palin and her secessionist husband. Are those American values we can trust?

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