For those who say McCain doesn’t have a platform…

John McCain believes in you, the middle class worker. He’s scared by this new socialist redistribution of wealth. Why should the government take hypothetical money out of your hands, should you ever win the lottery or miraculously earn a degree, which enables you to earn over 250,000 dollars a year? Don’t vote for Barack Obama, cause god forbid you ever strike it rich, he’ll raise your taxes by 3%. That’s why John McCain wants to keep the tax structure exactly the same. He likes his money out of the hands of big government and in the hands of big business. After all they create tons of jobs (just like they have been doing over the past eight years). Even though McCain provides all these tax breaks to bigwigs, I assure you he’s going to go after them and protect you the middle class worker. So when they cut your health benefits because it hurts their bottom line, he’ll do something. What will he do? Well he won’t pal around with terrorists, or refuse to wear a flag pin. He won’t be in bed with the liberal “gotcha” media, and he’ll cut every pork barrel project, like that bridge to nowhere. So next time you think about voting for Obama, remember this carefully laid out, enumerated plan from John McCain. Keeping money where it is, and not hanging out with terrorist pigs. That’s the straight talk express, coming to the most patriotic cities in America near you.


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