You know what grinds my gears… Sean Hannity.

For those who put in their three hours a day, every day, I salute you. How you can listen to the living, breathing contradiction that is Sean Hannity, I will never know. Like so many, I found myself tuning into 770AM sometime immediately after 9-11, a time when Hannity offered patriotic slogans with a side dish of helpful advice. It was a vast departure from the partisan diatribe offered by Rush (don’t even get me started on that preachy bloated drug addict). Despite his charming beginnings, over the past few years, Hannity has evolved into one of the most vile radio hosts. Now he serves as the second leg of the holy conservative trinity consisting of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin. While Hannity loves to criticize the “Liberal Media Bias”, rarely, if ever, will he present something from the other side of the isle. Clearly, Hannity offers fair and balanced news and “If not for the new media, Fox News, and talk radio the American people wouldn’t get a chance to know the REAL Barack Obama.” So when you encounter one of the race bating, reverend Wright hating, Bill Ayers toting zombies, there’s a good chance they’re fans of Hannity since his show consists of nothing else. Oddly enough, it was Hannity who warned the Republican party would lose this election if they failed to develop a sound platform which addressed important issues. Despite his prophetic advice, Hannity’s show lacks discussion on all these vital issues. I’ll predict that when McCain loses this election Hannity will return to the “bash McCain express” which ran parallel to the “stop Hillary express” this past February. Then everybody will be able to see what a liar Hannity has been these past few months as he backed a candidate whom he claimed did not represent the Republican party. I have news for you Sean, your swiftboat politics have sailed, along with your parties chance at winning the White House.


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