Don’t believe the hype

While multiple news networks are beginning to count McCain out of the picture with only three weeks left, I’m not sold on the fact that Obama only need smile till inauguration day. There are still many people with strong biases (that’s the best way I could phrase their racists attitudes) who only require a slight nudge to go running back to the rich white guy. Today’s market surge could bring people back in droves to the McCain campaign. My assessment is that many people aren’t thinking long term and are basing their votes on weekly news reports from CNN or Fox News. Somehow I feel like we’re still willing to elect the guy (or gal in this case) with whom we would rather share a beer. That elitist who acts all intelligent turns me off. So what if he offers intelligent and insightful changes in government structure. Think these are just generalizations? I could make them direct quotes. I have removed the authors of these intelligent sound-bites to protect their identities. So while polls say that Obama is gaining ground, I’ll remain cynical about the electorate that brought us eight years of George W. Bush.


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