Booing is The New Cheering – And Palin Gets Five Minutes in the Parenting Penalty Box

Seems everyone’s new favorite pastime is booing our candidates. McCain was booed sticking up for Obama. Obama was booed for showing respect for McCain. At least they were shown disfavor for honorable actions. And then, in an addendum to James’ post earlier this evening, this happened:

You know who I feel the worst for in all of this? Governor Palin’s youngest daughter, who was paraded out onto the ice with her mom like a prop. There’s a reason Bill Clinton never carted Chelsea around. Or that the Obamas keep their children on a low profile. It’s just not cool to subject your kids to that kind of pressure and public scrutiny.

To sum up this scatter shot post, here’s my big epiphany for the day: If you’re found unethical by independent state investigators and you parade your youngest daughter into an arena with the potential of being booed by thousands of the NHL’s harshest hockey fans – and then YOU ARE BOOED – you’re a bad hockey mom. A very bad hockey mom. I’m blowing the whistle and calling 5 in the penalty box for poor judgment.


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