A rare defense of Palin

I have to stand up here and just once again state that I think its high time that we show a bit of respect for these candidates. Much in the same way I have called for McCain followers to end their personal attacks on the Junior senator from Illinois, I would call upon the heavily democratic city of Philadelphia to extend the same courtesies to Palin. While there were no racial epitaphs caught by an open mic, I’m sure there were some nasty expletives flying around in the crowd that night amidst the boos. After all isn’t this the once infamous “City of Brotherly Love”? Ironic how a city once founded because of intolerance has shown that while the clothes change and the technology advances, those same sentiments of intolerance echo across the ages. Trust me, I am the last man who need defend Palin, as I have been amongst most critical of her political policies here at ThinkPop. In this particular instance, Palin wasn’t giving a political speech, or making any attempt to smear the other party. She was there to drop a ceremonial puck to kick off the NHL season. Perhaps NHL fans need to be reminded that any press (good or bad) will bring much needed attention to their ailing sport. So next time you have a celebrity/politician drop a puck at one of your games, button your lips and just clap.  Democrats shouldn’t criticize Republicans for being nasty when they are equally as cold and unfriendly. I think I’ll climb down off my high horse now, since I probably stirred up some junk.

I am Marc and I approved of this message…


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