The ugly side of politics

You need not go further than rallies held by McCain/Palin to see just how ugly things are getting in this election. Rhetoric at these rallies has reached an all time low, and I’m wondering if most of that is centered in hatred for the Democratic agenda, or the candidate himself. The positive “country first” message has been tossed aside in favor of a more “us versus them” tone. Where is the man who claimed only days ago that he specialized in reaching across the isle, something McCain stated was needed in order to heal these deep financial wounds?  If McCain should win this election using his current slanderous platform, there’s a good chance that he could mirror Bush’s foreign policy in that he [McCain] will hamper any potential domestic peace accords. What Democrat in their right mind would come back to the table when the rest of the furniture in the room has been turned over in this recent political temper tantrum? This is clearly frustration, and is not the way one should go about winning the highest political office in the land. Since McCain is big on leadership, he should stand up and denounce these hateful outbursts from both his supporters and his brain dead Vice Presidential candidate.


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