Racism on Video

I’m certainly not the first blog up with this video this morning. But a liberal blogger in Ohio, posts this from a McCain/Palin rally in his home state. This is some of the tightest video evidence I’ve seen of inherent voter racism. These folks may be in the extreme, but they are also a very real segment of the population. 


4 Responses

  1. An angry man running for President because of deep self-interest will attract people of the same ilk. I agree with Mike.

    If Senator McCain is “ringing the dinner bell” and the these people are the ones running up to the table, it might just look like a scene out of the LORD OF THE RINGS… “We want meat… where’s the meat…” And Senator McCain just may be calling on all those ugly creatures and outcast men to help him defeat the Elves and Men of Honor.

    I’m sorry as I recall… the good guys in the film called on good guys to assist in the defeat of evil not those picture here.

    God bless their souls and the souls of those who were not videotaped or may not have shared those fews folks’ opinions, but did share their ignorance and deep rooted pain.

    Thank you, brother for your work and be careful…

    Independent voter

  2. I saw this video earlier today and was pretty appalled.

    But I will draw one parallel: ever been in a stadium parking lot before a big game? Imagine standing by the bat at Yankee Stadium during the World Series with the Yanks down three games with a video camera and asking for opinions about the Red Sox. The results would probably not be examples of the best of human nature. And that’s not taking into account the fact that this guy seems to have been identifiable as an Obama supporter — imagine my previous hypothetical only you’re wearing a Red Sox shirt!

    It’s important to remember, this was edited with an opinion and an agenda — unbiased it is not. I’m sure out if a McCain supporter took his camera out to an Obama rally of several thousand he could find some hot-heads willing to say stupid things, too.

  3. Edited or not, you can’t hide the fact that there is some ignorance going on in this video. It is amazing how uneducated some people are on the facts. To still believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim is pure unadulterated hatred. I see things like this and I am ashamed to be American. Country First! Go whitey!

  4. btw — my earlier hypothetical fails horribly in one important test — make it down three games in the ALCS. Yanks wouldn’t be playing Boston in the WS.

    My apologies 🙂

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