Snakes on a Plane!


For those who don’t know, when I’m not wasting my time in the blogosphere, I teach AP World History to high school students in Pennsylvania. If I’m not furiously grading thesis papers and tests, I peruse textbooks and various readings for additional information to supplement my textbook. Recently, I happened upon a chapter which discussed interactions of goods and people in the modern world, 1914-current. Located within was a brief paragraph discussing the harmful effects of introducing flora and fauna to areas where they have no predators. As an example, the book cited the Brown Tree Snake, which “invaded” the island of Guam post World War II. Upon arrival the tree snake devoured virtually every living invertebrate that was below it on the food chain. The pesky reptiles caused further social upheavals by disrupting man-made technology by crawling into electrical sources. Those who are well read may not be surprised by this, however, what I found amusing was the means by which these animals are now spreading. The U.S Department of Agriculture has in place a pest management plan to ensure these animals do not spread to nearby islands, most notably Hawaii. It seems these little suckers have the tendency to hitch a ride on air (and ocean going) cargo containers. Since they have little fear of man-made objects it appears they can, and will hitch a ride when possible. Is Samuel L. Jackson running through your head yet? Snakes on a plane!!! Priceless. I normally do not delight in the problems of others, but this is too funny to not poke fun at. I recommend educating yourself on this serious issue, lest we allow other areas of the globe to be overrun by snakes. Don’t believe me, listed below is a great website to introduce you to the wonderful world of Snakes. I would like to know how either one of our candidates will handle such a pressing issue, especially Obama, since his former home of Hawaii could be ground zero for the snake invasion.


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