Smart strategy or sickening politics?

While linking Barack Obama to William Ayers has been part of the Republican playbook since the primaries, Sarah Palin’s rhetoric this past weekend has taken the relationship between the former Weather Underground member and the Democratic presidential nominee to new heights. Palin stated that Obama “palls around” with terrorists, rekindling the politics of fear which became so prevalent in the 2004 election. Down in the polls, McCain would be wise to take the pressure off the current economic woes and the party who presided over one of the worst economic downturns since the great depression. While pundits will vary on their assessments of these newer even harsher tactics, it will be interesting to see if Palin’s claims will dramatically effect independent voters. Since the likelihood of an October surprise grows slimmer with each passing day, it appears that the McCain camp isn’t afraid to manufacture allegations, which have been cited by conservatives like Sean Hannity in what Republicans lovingly call the “Stop Obama Express.” A simple fact check on the relationship between Ayers and Obama reveals that both men served on a charity community board together, live in the same neighborhood, and that Ayers once held a fund raising event for Obama’s senatorial campaign. Direct ties from Obama to Ayers become even more cloudy, seeing as Obama was only 8 when Ayers’ anti-governmental activities were in full swing. My question to our independent readers would be: What impact (if any) do these claims have on your views towards either McCain or Obama? Leave your answer in a comment.


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  1. To answer your question…..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Ayers also donated $200.00 to a early Obama campaign at the outset of his political career. Heck, I’ve given more than that to Obama’s current campaign and I’ve never blown up anything. LOL! The bottom line here ThinkPOP is that Obama is about 13% ahead in the current polls. In the political arena, what do you do when you’re losing: YOU USE FEAR TATICS! Obama has run a clean campaign and above that, a very smart campaign. The McCain camp with about 3-1/2 weeks left in the election have now decided to jump on the young bandwagon and get on the internet and try all of these savvy computer high tech strategies to get out the young Republican vote. Guess what? It’s too late. What part of the word “issues” does the McPalin ticket not understand?

    Instead of resurrecting the dead (as in the Rev. Wright story and Bill Ayers) why not tell the American people what it is you will exactly do to help us in this horrible economy? They don’t have a plan – that’s why they can’t answer that question. All they talk about is energy and more jobs. We’re smarter than that as a people.

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