A skilled debater versus a skilled legislator

My quick take from the debate (after getting a chance to watch it) is simple. A good debater (Palin) battled a good legislator (Joe Biden). In that case, it was probably a draw. What Palin was able to do last night was essentially reassure base supporters that she isn’t a moron, that their faith is not misplaced. She did not however, in my estimation, change the minds of many independent voters. 

Biden’s performace was unfortunately staid for the evening. I understand the strategy heading into the debate. I just would have liked to see a little of that Biden personality. A few punch lines, a little of the character that can be the sugar for all that policy medicine. None the less, if the question in a voter’s mind was “which candidate picked someone capable of being president?” Any fair-minded person would have chosen Biden. 

Palin was also the benficiary of incredibly low expectations. There’s something to be said for tanking in a major network interview series. It makes a debate performace full of talking points and lacking any mastery of the subjects at hand seem powerful. 

The debate was a draw, and in that, it did not help the McCain/Palin ticket…which is continuing the slide the polls.


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  1. I disagree about the fact it didn’t do much for McCain/Palin, I think it will probably stop the bleeding. But it certainly won’t sway anyone or bring over independents.

    I must say Biden impressed me. He obviously had to stay very cautious, which I honestly thought would be impossible for him. He did a great job with that. He did not come off condescending or holier-than-thou at all.

    Palin did ok, she certainly showed she isn’t the idiot a lot of people think she is. She showed off that she is a quick study, and I do think people realize that fact. Anyone who thinks she isn’t an intelligent woman isn’t really listening.

    All in all, the debate didn’t so much of anything, but I will reiterate that Biden definitely showed a lot of class which really suprised me – and also was pretty much dead on with his facts.

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