Why even have scripted questions?

I thought the purpose of a debate was to have pointed topics and questions that the candidates had to answer. What is this garbage from Palin, “I might not answer some of questions that the moderator wants to hear…” This is another example of Republicans hiding from the truth. Palin obviously is reading off of a script, and was probably told to stick to it. God forbid she deviate from her soundbites which have been drilled into her head over the past week in debate camp. I never expected much spontaneity from Palin, but it was insulting that she refused to answer specific topics. This debate was not going to change my opinion on the election, but tonight confirmed that I am backing the right candidate. Since Palin likes to constantly compare herself with a pitbull, here’s another comparison. What do a Pitbull and Palin have in common? Both can be trained to do whatever the hell you want them to if you take enough time to teach them correctly.


One Response

  1. Do you realize that if they would not allow “notes” in the debate, Sarah Palin would have stood there like a deer caught in headlights.

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