Obama launches iPhone App

In the lastest sign Barack Obama’s campaign is centered on youth it announced the launch of a free app for the iPhone today. I am a confessed iPhone addict, I downloaded the app and gave it a test drive. The uses are interesting. At an iphone-friendly flick and tap, you can find local events, find local groups, check on campaign related news, look up policy positions by issue, and watch streaming videos. The other thing you can do…call your friends in battleground states. the app sorts your phonebook by state and the lists the states by electoral priority so you can call your friends in florida and pennsylvania and see if they’re supporting Obama. 

Like his policies or not, you have to had it to Obama’s campaign for continuing to find innovative ways to reach out to new voters and get them involved.


One Response

  1. This is exactly what I was talking about in your other post. INNOVATIVE is why Obama is ahead in the polls.

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